Battlefield 3 10th Anniversary - Why It's the Best Battlefield Game of All-Time

It's October 25, 2021 and this is the Battlefield 3 10th anniversary! Here are a few nuggest of info why BF3 is still the best BF game of all-time.

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LordoftheCritics468d ago

I am glad I played this game at its prime.

Some of the good memories of my life.

Zombieburger638467d ago

I got BF3 and gears 3 for Christmas. Some of the best memories I have from the 360 era.

outsider1624467d ago

I played this on PS3. It was my first online game as well. I remember getting all excited even being melee'd, lol. But THIS was battlefield to much fun.

isarai468d ago

This is a totally serious question, so actually looking for an answer here. But am i crazy for feeling like 4 was just an improved 3? Like it was 99% the same just with different maps (even a lot of the same maps) and i kinda liked the weapon progression a bit more. Is it because it took forever for bf4 to be fixed after launch? Or is there a specific reason people like it more that im just not getting 🤔

PhillyDillyDee468d ago

I tend to agree that 4 was better but I absolutely think the launch issues left it forever tarnished in our memories. Games should work and work well at launch but the industry seems to think otherwise. We are partially to blame for believing their marketing and adopting software early. Took me a loooong time to stop falling into the marketing honeypot.

DuckOnQuack35467d ago

Well in my opinion 3 had more destruction in it. Like oh I don't have cover let me blow a hole in the wall and hide in there real quick

excaliburps468d ago

Battlefield 3 had way better maps though. Seine, Metro, Caspian, Bazaar. Heck, I think BF3 had the most memorable maps in the entire franchise.

ArchangelMike467d ago

100% agree with you here. Loved 3 way more than 4. Honestly I think the launch issues put me off 4 for a long time.

Inverno468d ago

Everything after 3 has basically been a reskin but worse than all the improvements in 4. I only have 2 complaints for BF3, the horribly blinding sun and the maps having really bad restriction placements. I think most consider the best cause it was pretty straight to the point and didn't rely on gimicks to get attention. Sniping with a scoped shotgun with explosive shells will always be my most fun memory with the game.

Nitrowolf2468d ago

I think for improved a lot after all the patches to be a better game but three just has a good place in my heart

gamesftw250468d ago

EA felt the panic of COD and decided to go with Acti's method.

LordoftheCritics467d ago

3 had better maps, more interesting hot spots, also was just new at the time being all full next gen feeling. In fact it holds up really well even today.

4 maps were just about alright, and also people who played 3 prolly felt 4 was just an iterative upgrade. Thats it.

DuckOnQuack35467d ago

But I know one thing for a fact this new battlefield is just a reason of cod. Take the hud out and I bet people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between 2042 and cod

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Muigi467d ago

Bad company 2 says hello.

Silly Mammo467d ago

I loved BC 2 and the Vietnam expansion.


BC2 and BF4 are better if you ask me. Much better gunplay and all around feel.

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