The First Descendant Best Jayber Build

The First Descendant Jayber pressing buttons on a hologram

If you are a tower-defense games fan or simply prefer placing turrets in every game you play, then Jayber is the Descendatn for you. One of the better support characters in the game, Jayber has a forgiving playstyle that even beginners can get the hang of pretty quickly. But, a simple playstyle is not the same as a weak character. Jayber can add so much to his team, from extra firepower to healing and “taunts”. So, for all Torbjörn and Heimerdinger fans out there, here is the best build for Jayber in The First Descendant.

Jayber Skills

  • Turret Sync (Passive) – When both Assault Turrets and Medical Turrets are summoned, increases Firearm ATK and Skill Power.
  • Assault Turret – Summons a turret to attack the enemy. When a Turret Zone is created, deals continuous damage to nearby enemies.
  • Medical Turret – Summons a turret to heal allies. When a Turret Zone is created, taunts enemies within the zone.
  • Multi-Purpose Gun – Replaces the current Firearm with the Multi-purpose Gun. When a turret is hit by the Multi-purpose Gun, a Turret Zone is created.
  • Reactivate – Recalls all summoned Turrets, dealing a powerful attack to enemies in the nearby area. Put into Overhaul state for a certain period of time after using Total Recall and Turrets can be summoned in the existing Turret Zone.

Best Jayber Build

As mentioned, Jayber utilizes turrets to deal most of his damage. That means we should focus on improving his Skills as much as possible. Furthermore, he can get some nifty bonuses to his firearm ATK, so we should get ourselves some good weapons, to make the best use of it. Finally, buffing up his DEF and HP will keep Jayber around for longer. Keep reading to see what items are the best for Jayber in each equipment category: Weapon (and Weapon Modules), Descendant Modules, Reactor, and External Components.

Best Weapon for Jayber in The First Descendant

Since he’s somewhat weak without his turrets, Jayber needs a good weapon to make up for it, and one of the best for him is the Enduring Legacy Ultimate Machine Gun. Even though the weapon’s abilities will benefit his team more than himself (especially Descendants like Lepic and Blair) the Enduring Legacy is a great weapon in its own right, perfect for adding to the firepower of his turrets. If Enduring Legacy is not available, the Tamer, a Rare Machine Gun, is a great replacement.

The First Descendant Enduring Legacy
Enduring Legacy is the great choice for all Fire-wielding Descendants. Image via N4G Unlocked

For secondary weapons, you can’t go wrong with Nazeistra’s Devotion and Afterglow Sword, one of the most useful Hand Cannons/Sniper Rifles out there. Nazeistra’s Devotion reduces the DEF of the target if you manage to hit a Weak Spot, effectively increasing your, your turret’s, and your team’s damage. On the other hand, Afterglow Sword is great versus Commanders and Collosi, and since Jayber is not a character to get up close, this is a great choice for a secondary weapon, especially for boss battles.

Weapon Modules

Enduring Legacy is a Machine gun with a high Fire Rate and Damage output, perfect for acting as an additional “turret” in Jayber’s arsenal. So, you will need Weapon Modules that improve Fire Rate and ATK, as well as add Fire damage to it, to make use of Enduring Legacy’s special ability.

The best Weapon Modules for Jayber are:

Weapon ModuleEffect
Fire Rate UpImproves weapon’s Fire Rate
Rifling ReinforcementImproves weapon’s ATK
Fire EnhancementAdds Fire ATK
Concentrated FireIncreases weapon’s Weak Point Damage and Critical Hit Damage
MarksmanIncreases weapon’s Critical Hit Rate and ATK
Concentration PriorityImproves weapon’s Reload speed and Critical Hit Damage
Concentrate Support AmmoIncreases weapon’s Critical Hit Damage and Magazine capacity
The First Descendant Jayber
Even while being beginner-friendly, Jayber can still deal a lot of damage. Image via N4G Unlocked

Descendant Modules

The main mechanic and source of damage are Jayber’s turrets. Besides increasing the Skill Power, we should also increase the Skill Duration, to make those turrets stay for as long as possible. Cooldown reduction is also very important, so you can “spam” those turrets as much as you can.

Additionally, there is a special Module that changes Jayber’s Medical Turret Skill. It summons another Assault Turret, instead of the healing one. This Module will significantly increase your damage output, but you will lose your healing and taunting abilities. Taking this Module is entirely up to the player and the type of support they would like to be.

With all that in mind, the best Descendant Modules for Jayber are:

Descendant ModuleEffect
Skill ExtensionIncreases Skill Duration
Non-Attribute SpecialistIncreases Non-Attribute Skill Power
Non-Attribute SyncytiumIncreases Non-Attribute Skill Power and Critical Hit Resistance
DEF AccelerantIncreases DEF and Skill Duration
Nimble FingersReduces Skill Cooldowns
Skill Cost OptimizeReduces Skill Cooldowns and Skill Costs
Increased HPIncreases Max HP
Attacking CompulsionReplaces Medical Turret with another Assault Turret
The First Descendant Jayber with a turret
Turrets are Jayber’s main source of damage. Image via N4G Unlocked


Skills are important for Jayber, so you will need a powerful Reactor that corresponds with his Skills’ type and subtypes. His Skills have the Non-Attribute type, so look for a Reactor with “Materialized” in the name, as those improve Non-Attribute Skills.

Next, Jayber’s Skills have either the Singular (Multi-Purpose Gun and Reactivate) or the Dimension (Assault Turret and Medical Turret) subtypes. You’d need either the “Singularity” (for Singular Skills) or “Phase” Reactors (for Dimension Skills).

Since you’ll be using your Turrets most of the time, the best Reactor for Jayber is the Materialized Phase Reactor.

External Components

Lastly, each Descendant uses External Components to improve some of their defensive characteristics, and Jayber is no different. We want him alive for as long as possible so he can put down those Turrets, so the best External Components for Jayber are those that improve HP Recovery, Max HP, Max Shields, and DEF.

Jayber is a simple character to use, but with the right combination, he can be unstoppable. Try to team up with Ajax so his shields can protect your Turrets and you’ll have a powerful defensive duo.


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