Pokémon Unite Codes (August 2023)

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Ever wanted to play a MOBA game that is all about Pokémon? Then look no further, as that is precisely what Pokémon Unite is—battle against an opposing team in a lane-style system similar to League of Legends. Use fan favorite Pokémon and more, level them up, acquire new skills, and win!

Pokémon Unite codes boost your chances of survival by giving you free Aeos coins, boosts, trials, and limited-time trials! Use them for a helping boost until you can dominate the battlefield in Pokémon Unite. More importantly, you can occasionally get free t-shirts and other cosmetics. Gotta win em’ all in style!

All Pokémon Unite Codes List

Updated July 2, 2023

Added new Pokémon Unite Codes!

Pokémon Unite Codes (Working)

Here are all the working codes for Pokémon Unite:

  • UNITE1STKR—Redeem for 7-Day Battle Point Boost Card, 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card, 3-Day Limited Licence: Glaceon, and Blissey Set
  • THANKYOUFOR100MM—Redeem for 1000 Aeos Coins and one Gold Emblem Random Box

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Pokémon Unite Codes (Expired)

These Pokémon Unite codes are expired:

  • unite1st—Redeem for rewards
  • unite2022—Redeem for rewards
  • WORLDS2022—Redeem for rewards
  • POKEMONDAY—Redeem for a Gold Zacian Boost Emblem
  • UNITE1IN—Redeem for 100 Aeos Coins.

Pokémon Unite FAQ, Answered

Here is everything we know about Pokémon Unite codes.

What Are Pokémon Unite Codes?

By entering a Pokémon Unite code, players can obtain various rewards such as Aeos coins, license trials for new Pokémon, and boost emblem items to empower their team. As well as free cosmetics occasionally.

How To Redeem Pokémon Unite Codes

Follow the steps below to redeem codes in Pokémon Unite:

Pokémon Unite gift code redemption process
Image by N4G Unlocked
  • Launch Pokémon Unite.
  • Complete the tutorial and first battle.
  • Click on the Events icon on the right side of the main screen.
  • Go to the Daily Events tab.
  • Choose Gift Exchange from the menu.
  • Enter valid codes into the text box.
  • Click on the Exchange button to send gifts to your email.
  • Return to the main screen and click on your avatar profile picture.
  • Go to Mail in the bottom left.
  • Choose a message from System Messages.
  • Click on the Claim button to receive rewards from the code.

Why Are Pokémon Unite Codes Not Working?

Codes in Pokémon Unite may not work for three reasons:

  • Expired code
    • Redeem codes as soon as possible, as not all codes last forever.
  • Typo errors
    • Avoid typo errors by copying and pasting the working code into the text box.
  • Fake code
    • Not all codes will be legit.

What is Pokémon Unite?

Pokemon Unite is a mobile game that allows players to collect Pokemon and battle, other players. The game follows a MOBA format, with teams consisting of five players and each player bringing one Pokemon to the fight.

The battles have a unique feature where the Pokemon evolves during the match to gain more powerful skills, making it easier to defeat opponents. In each game, the two teams compete to have the highest total score within a 10-minute time limit, and the team with the highest score at the end of the game wins, or the other team surrenders.

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