My Singing Monsters Friend Codes October 2023 (New Codes Added)

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My Singing Monsters game allows players to manage their own island and breed musical creatures. The primary mission is to create monsters that can sing and create entertaining melodies. You can enhance your experience by visiting other players’ islands through their friend codes!

My Singing Monsters Friend Codes

Updated October 13th, 2023

Added new My Singing Monsters Friend Codes!

If you want to add friends on My Singing Monsters, check out our list of friend codes!

  • 96936082EG
  • 90387071KN
  • 983847064HG
  • 1036873822CG
  • 1044748947GJ
  • 1037014852BK
  • 4001806290EK
  • 61306678MK
  • 1004395294JA
  • 100737079IB
  • 1014143513hn
  • 1014503739EJ
  • 1015601271HD
  • 1016914968FK
  • 1018214490KK
  • 1018214490KK
  • 1018545398BM
  • 1020224021HN
  • 1020224021HN
  • 1022276530FI
  • 1022307975CF
  • 1022472231IJ
  • 1022717403DL
  • 1023323346DM
  • 1023748510HE
  • 1023907359HD
  • 1026161471LD
  • 1026356016CA
  • 1026559685HJ
  • 1026769965NJ
  • 1027339020KE
  • 1028978430GC
  • 1029205614HM
  • 1029267696KI
  • 1029387149KH
  • 1029685936FK
  • 1029699665ML
  • 1029856948AE
  • 1030372960ME
  • 1032923911GN
  • 1033577283EJ
  • 1033638254CG
  • 1033919024JG
  • 1034278482EK
  • 10349551151N
  • 10352052202BM
  • 1035604189DJ
  • 4000916958LM
  • 4000959460CE
  • 6649276JC
  • 73414520JC
  • 75673584MA
  • 80383960JK
  • 82912140EM
  • 85740213KD
  • 85750966DA
  • 85784509KD
  • 91925553CD

How To Get My Singing Monsters Friend Code

Getting your My Singing Monsters friend code is easy with these steps:

  • Launch My Singing Monsters on the device you are using.
  • Press the Options button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, press the green Support button at the bottom of the Options screen.
  • In this new menu, write down your BBB ID. The BBD ID is your friend code.

How To Add a Friend in My Singing Monsters

To add a friend in My Singing Monsters is easy. Just follow these instructions:

  • Open My Singing Monster on your device.
  • Follow the tutorial and upgrade Castle.
  • Tap the Friends button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose Invite Friends.
  • Select Add via Friend Code.
  • Input the code in the Friend Code text box.
  • Click the Return button on mobile or press Enter on desktop to confirm your friend code.

Why Can’t I Add Someone as a Friend in My Singing Monsters?

If you can’t add someone as a friend in My Singing Monsters, you’re most likely trying to add a friend who isn’t playing on the same device you are. For example, if you are playing on the Steam version, you cannot add a friend playing on the Mobile version of My Singing Monsters.

What Do My Singing Monsters Friend Codes Do?

Singing Monsters codes are a free way to light Torches on your island. When a Torch is lit, it increases the chance of encountering rare monsters and new monsters.

Usually, lighting Wishing Torches will cost two Diamonds to be burned for 24 hours, or you can permanently light it for 100 Diamonds.

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