How To Fix the Blue Background Bug in Fortnite

The Cyber City Callout card from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Every game has its share of bugs, and Fortnite is no exception. Ever since Chapter 3 Season 2, players have been plagued by the blue background glitch.

While this bug doesn’t affect gameplay, it is still much less vibrant and interesting than the intended lobby backgrounds. There is no official fix at this time, but Epic Games did put out a workaround the players can use until the bug is patched.

For players desperate to get it changed, this method at least provides one avenue for relief.

What Is the Fix for the Blue Background Glitch in Fortnite?

The fix for the blue background bug is to change your game’s language settings. This will revert the lobby to the correct background. Then you can go back into the settings and change the language back to whichever you prefer.

The steps for this are as follows:

  • Enter a game lobby
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Game Settings
  • Go to Language and Region
  • Select Language
  • Change the language to any new language
  • Press Apply and Okay

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What Is the Blue Background Glitch in Fortnite?

Some players found that once they opened a game lobby the background remained blue rather than showing the lobby background associated with the season.

This will change your lobby background back to its intended visuals. You will have to change the language back to whichever you prefer, but you can follow the same steps as above to get to the language selection screen. Once this is done you will be free from the blue screen!

Not every player will encounter this bug, but it will still be handy if any player comes up against it. Keep in mind that this bug does not affect gameplay. If players aren’t bothered much by the background, they can feel free to keep playing as they have been. Nothing about the match or their match settings will change, so it is safe.

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