New Gas Stratagems Would Turn Up the Heat in Helldivers 2

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Helldivers are torn between the current Major Order and the community-issued Mini Order. How can one choose between Terminids and Automatons? You’ll probably need the Commando, whichever you pick. According to some very vocal Helldivers 2 players, you would also benefit greatly from some new gas Stratagems.

Which Gas Strategems Should be Added?

One devoted Helldiver, Yurishenko94, started a movement asking for gas Stratagems. They said: “AH listen to me carefully. We need more gas”. This player suggested a list of Stratagems: Orbital Gas Barrage, Gasthrower, Gas Grenade, Eagle Gas Strike, Gas Grenade Launcher and Gas Mortar Sentry. An armor, CBRN Protection, would offer immunity to gas dammage and 50% resistance to acid and toxic damage.

Well, it didn’t take long until the community flooded this thread with their own ideas. At the moment of writing this article, there are almost 500 replies on this topic. Legitimate-Fly2655 suggested redoing the already existing armor. They said: “CE-27 Ground Breaker! The whole deal looks like its designed for gas front, such a wasted opportunity”.

Echowing442 mused: “Honestly, a deployable gas sprayer Strategem would be really neat – effectively a gas version of the Tesla tower, being able to lock down an area with a giant cloud so long as the main unit isn’t destroyed”. One player, emeraldarcher1008, reminded them: “You wanna make more Shriekers? You wanna make another Meridia? No more gas towers”.

SpecialIcy5356 stated: “I actually would like to see more chem weapons, can’t commit war crimes against non-humans and offers wide, lingering coverage that’s effective against even the heaviest armor due to it also beign corrosive”.

Helldivers 2 squad of troopers moving
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Could the Helldivers Get Some Gas Stratagems?

According to Terminal_Wumbo, they could. This player noted: “There’s an acid sprayer stratagem in HD1 that functions similarly to a flamethrower. This means there’s a good chance AH will implement this weapon in the future. There was also a portable one-man Mortar System that shot three shells at a time and also had the acid effect post explosion. They were very potent weapons”.

CrimsonAllah explained: “The TOX-13 ‘Avenger’ Mk3 was the Gas Thrower of HD1 and i enjoy the play on words. Though it spews toxic sludge”. Another veteran, snarkface42, added: “Ah, the Rumbler. Good times (until the newbie picked it up and killed the whole team not knowing how it worked)”.

ChromaticWolf summed it up: “If they do, they’ll immensely improve the gameplay and the gunplay diversity. Not to mention how much fun it is to throw poisonous green gas with Gas Thrower! Oxidizing bots and suffocating bugs with the sweetest Liber-tea ever”.

We think that diversity is the key to making a great game. The Helldivers 2 developers will surely add some new gas Stratagems at some point. They are known for listening to the player base, you just have to wait a little bit. Which other Stratagems do you think would make a good addition?


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