GTA 6 – When is the New Trailer Release?

City strip at night in GTA 5

Looking for details about the new trailer release for GTA 6? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming trailer for the game, straight from developers at Rockstar Games.

Over the weekend, GTA fans were taken by surprise when alleged gameplay footage from GTA 6 was posted to an account on TikTok. While the short clip has since been removed, players remain speculative when it comes to in-game features and release date details. This leak is bolstered by its proximity to the launch date for the game’s new trailer, which is primed to arrive this month. If you’re a fan of the franchise, then you’ll want to tune into the upcoming trailer hosted by Rockstar Games this week to get an official first look at the game. Let’s go over the details, including launch times and where to stream.

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GTA 6 New Trailer Release Date and Times

In the wake of unconfirmed leaks that surfaced over the weekend, GTA 6 remains in the spotlight as we near the release of a new trailer for the game this week. According to a live event posted to YouTube, publisher Rockstar plans to drop the highly-anticipated footage on Tuesday, December 5. Here’s a rundown of launch times based on your local time zone.

  • 6 AM PT
  • 9 AM ET
  • 2 PM GMT

Where Can I Watch the GTA 6 Trailer?

Rockstar has posted a live event for the new GTA 6 trailer, set to stream on YouTube at the official time of release. You can tune in at the appropriate time listed above to watch in real-time. Eager viewers can also look for any further details via the development team’s X (formerly Twitter) account, though updates have not been made since the event’s announcement on Friday.

Video via Rockstar Games

With mere hours left until the trailer’s release, players are excited to see what the next GTA installment has in store. We have not received any information as to what the upcoming video will entail. However, many remain hopeful that we’ll finally get an official release date for the game. Following untimely leaks, fans of the franchise are also curious whether the previously revealed footage is to be believed. Perhaps we’ll receive answers with our first look at the game, arriving tomorrow.

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