Fortnite – How To Deploy a Scanner in the Vault

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Looking to find out about how to deploy a scanner in the vault in Fortnite? Then you have come to the right place.

One of the Nolan Chance challenges at the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 involves deploying a scanner inside the vault. While the act of placing the scanner is not difficult at all, most of the challenge will come from getting inside the vault to which to deploy it. This guide will show players how to deploy a scanner and how to get inside the vault in the game.

How To Place Scanner in Vault in Fortnite

Once players have made it inside any of the vaults in Eclipsed Estate, Relentless Retreat, or Sanguine Suites, they will have to find a glowing white light in the shape of the scanner. This will be very prominent to find, and will be on the gorund.

Players can deploy the scanner by holding the Interact button until the circle is filled. Players do not need any prior items to place the scanner.

How To Get Inside Vault in Fortnite

Players can visit either Eclipsed Estate, Relentless Retreat, or Sanguine Suites to find a vault. Each place will have stairs leading to the basement where the vault is located.

Players will first need a vault keycard by eliminating either an AI guard with shield or Kado Thorne. Players will then have to run past the laser tripwires, and use the harvesting tool to break the security gate if one is tripped. The vault keycard can then be used on the terminal and the vault will open up.

So, that is everything to know about how to deploy a scanner in the vault in Fortnite. For other helpful guides on the game, please be sure to check out How To Redeem Fortnite Codes With Epic Games Launcher and Epic Games Store and How To Thank Bus Driver on Fortnite PS5, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.


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