Fortnite Best Aim Course Codes – Top 7 Training Maps (February 2024)

Looking for Fortnite best Aim Course Codes? You’re in the right place.

One of the very special things about Fortnite that distinguishes it from other Battle Royale shooter games is how it offers a creative mode that allows it to reach extremely new depths of possibilities. Moreover, players also continue to utilize the creative game mode to its limits, designing intricate aim courses to improve the aim and overall skill of players around the world. 

The types of different aim training courses on Fortnite are more than countless, but not all of them are as good as they need to be. These are our seven most effective aim courses in Fortnite that will not only help you improve your aim but also help you understand fundamental aspects of combat in Fortnite, like recoil patterns of different guns, your own positioning, and combat strategies during a battle.

7 Best Fortnite Aim Training Map Codes

  1. Head Shot Only Box Fight (Striker) Map – Code: 1239-8960-3295
  2. Jowim Sniper Map – Code: 8277-8731-9788
  3. Raider’s Aim Training Map – Code: 6531-5731-1207
  4. Skaavok Aim Training Map V3.02 – Code: 8022-6842-4965
  5. Chapter 4 Warm-Up Map – Code: 7264-2987-8032
  6. Alpyne Slowmo Trickshot Map – Code: 8882-4024-8511
  7. Fresh’s Sweat Fest Mega Map – Code: 8594-5347-7737

7 – Fresh’s Sweat Fest Mega Map

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via (Fresh) YouTube
  • Code: 8594-5347-7737

Fresh’s Sweat Fest Mega Map is one of the first aim courses that you would want to try. Highly skilled creators designed it at the request of the infamous Fortnite streamer, Fresh. This mega map allows you to practice in various modes like Solo Aim, Aim Duels, Box Fights, Free For All, Crank Practice, Realistic Battles, and many more. Basically, it’s a one-stop solution for all your skill and accuraccy troubles.

6 – Alpyne Slowmo Trickshot Map

fortnite creative best trickshot practice map
Image via Tiktok Alpyneyt
  • Code: 8882-4024-8511

Alypyne Slowmo Trickshot claims to be the ultimate trickshot practice map.  It comes with a unique feature that enables you to execute trick shots in slow motion using any weapon you prefer. As you hit the targets and advance to the next rounds, the difficulty level increases progressively. This map not only helps you enhance your precision but also makes you feel like a protagonist in an action movie.

So if you want to perfect your trickshot skills and even impress your opponents with them, then there’s no better way to do it than by playing some rounds in the Alpyne Slowmo Trickshot.

5 – Chapter 4 Warm-Up Map 

Image via TEADOH
  • Code: 7264-2987-8032

The Chapter 4 Warm-Up aim course map is best for pre-game warm-up sessions before you actually start grinding in battle royales. This is because you can customize this map to warm up according to your choice. You can set your own custom practice session by toggling many of the mechanics you wish. Those include adjusting Target-Switching, Peak Shots, Tracking, and realistic fight settings with ai bots inside the map. 

You’ll also be able to try out different slide practices as well as box fights and piece control, making it a pretty efficient map if you’re looking to harness different skills.

4 – Skaavok Aim Training Map V3.02 

Image via DONWOZI
  • Code: 8022-6842-4965

The Skaavok Aim Training map fosters a variety of training drills you can utilize to improve your aiming skills in Fortnite. From training your flicking skills to harnessing your aim-tracking abilities, the map leaves no stone unturned when it comes to improving your aim. The aim trainer also allows you to practice raw hip-fire shots with increasing intensity to build your reflexes. 

3 – Raider’s Aim Training Map

fortnite creative raiders aim training map
Image via raidar464
  • Code: 6531-5731-1207

Raider’s Aim Training is an ideal choice for you if you want to sharpen your aim without any sort of interruptions or distractions from others. In this map, you’ll be completely alone, and there will be 20 scenarios that will cater to honing your long-range shots and short-range combat. 

With no need to engage in any sort of battle, you can entirely concentrate on refining your skills, allowing you to give your opponents a tough time in future games. So If you’re having trouble with your aim in Fortnite, try practicing on this map to boost your confidence before jumping back into the game and dominating your opponents. 

2 – Jowim Sniper Map 

fortnite creative jowim sniper map
Image via Jowim
  • Code: 8277-8731-9788

The Jowim Sniper Map may feel overwhelming at first since there are a plethora of obstacles and props strategically placed to help you improve your sniping abilities. However, there’s nothing more fun than this map!

Take advantage of the anti-gravity lifts to propel yourself into the air and perfect your no-scope shots. Alternatively, climb to higher ground and sharpen your aim through your scope. Remember, the best sniper will be the winner.

1 – Head Shot Only Box Fight (Striker) Map 

Image via pandvilnetwork
  • Code: 1239-8960-3295

Head Shot Only Box Fight is an aim practice course making the best use of other live players as targets for you and for each other. You are put in a small box with your opponents and must fight to win, but the twist is that you can only do that by landing headshots with a Striker. 

Although box fights are generally different from aim courses, this one is an increased-difficulty headshot-only box fight that will push you to improve your aim-tracking ability. Doing this map will help you out in the BR endgames, where the last few players left are pushed close together and are forced to rely solely on their aim tracking and precision.

Honorable Mention: H3NR1 Aim Trainer/Warm Up

Fortnite promo image for H3NR1 aim trainer map
Image via H3NR1
  • Code: 5785-8703-7329

We’ll have to mention this one, created by H3NR1. Besides having all the usual options available (aim, build, etc.) it also has XP enabled. You’re practicing aiming and at the same time, you’re getting some XP for it. Pretty neat in our opinion.

The number of aim courses out there is nearly countless, and there might be better ones out there, too; just remember to be open and trust the process, and your aim will get better gradually.

That concludes our list of the best aim course codes in Fortnite. For more Fortnite maps, check out our Best Hide And Seek Map Codes In Fortnite, The Best Escape Room Course Codes In Fortnite and Best Hide And Seek Map Codes In Fortnite.

Fortnite Best Aim Course Codes – FAQ

What is the best aim course code in Fortnite?

Fresh’s Sweat Fest Mega Map (Code: 8594-5347-7737) is the best aim map for training in Fortnite

What is the code for the map Clix aim trainer?

1090-1665-3359 is the code for the map Clix Aim Trainer


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