Best Hide And Seek Map Codes In Fortnite (February 2024)

Looking for the best Hide and Seek map codes? No doubt playing the competitive Battle Royale in Fortnite can get exhausting very fast. If you want to cool off from your competitive grind and enjoy something casual, you can try out various community-created custom game modes in Fortnite, like the ever-popular Hide and Seek mode. 

Not only do Hide and Seek modes feature different maps, but they also come with many creative and fun settings that will surely tickle your fancy. In this article, we will look at some of the best and most popular Hide and Seek maps (and their map codes) in Fortnite that you can play with friends or strangers online.

1 – Michael Myers Return

fortnite creative michael myers return map
Image via cultofsly
  • Map Code: 1667-9763-2090

In this Michael Myers Return map, survivors must utilize their wits, quick reflexes, and a few clever tricks to outsmart Michael and survive the night. Meanwhile, one player will be chosen to become Michael and will use their stealth and hunting skills to take down the other players. 

You, on the other hand, will have to do whatever it takes not to get seen by the player who’s playing as Michael. If Michael sees you, make sure to loop him and use escape paths to waste his time. This Dead by Daylight-inspired game promises to be a nerve-wracking adventure with high stakes and just the right amount of creepy.

2 – Soulrest Mansion: Hide And Seek

fortnite creative soulrest mansion map
Image via Alliance Studios
  • Map Code: 3946-9355-5003

Get ready to spook and surprise your friends in this one-of-a-kind mansion filled with secrets and jumpscare opportunities. With magical mirrors, hidden passageways, and many other hidden gems, Soulrest Mansion: Hide And Seek offers the perfect backdrop for a classic game of hide and seek with a creepy twist. 

A total of 2-16 players can play at once where one will be the seeker and both parties will try to outwit each other in this thrilling and adrenaline-rushed adventure.

3 – Giant Gifts Hide And Seek

fortnite creative giant gifts hide and seek
Image via Fatal Creations
  • Map Code: 3837-4047-8371

Experience the magic of Christmas all year round in Giant Gifts Hide And Seek, a Toy Story-inspired game of hide and seek. Shrink down to a miniature size and explore a giant living room on Christmas morning as you scramble to find the perfect hiding spot and avoid being caught by the seekers. 

Or maybe you’re the seeker, tasked with scouring the giant world to spot all the hiders and emerge victorious. With an enchanting setting and endless possibilities for hiding spots, this game promises to be a festive and exciting adventure for all.

4 – Honey, I Shrunk Fortnite! Hide and Seek

Image via mtl_rellik
  • Map Code: 4185-2533-4702

The 90s movie Honey, I shrank the kids heavily inspires this map and includes many references you’ll be able to identify if you’re a fan of the classic. Players are first teleported to the attic in Szalinski’s house (from the movie), where they are shrunken with the help of a laser. Next, all the players are teleported to the house’s backyard, where the hide-and-seek game begins.

You can once again enjoy a game of hide and seek with a maximum of 16 players on this particular map. This time, however, the hiding game becomes slightly different as you have a whole different array of locations to hide in. From hiding between lily pads to crawling inside lawnmowers, the map Honey I Shrunk The Skins brings a whole new perspective to the genre of Hide And Seek.

5 – Carnival Hide and Seek

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via (Switchup) YouTube
  • Map Code: 1875-6176-5822

The Carnival map brings forth its own twist to the hide-and-seek genre, offering you a complete theme park to play the game in. The map features all the rides you’d get at any normal carnival, from the house of mirrors to Ferris wheels and bouncing castles; there are a ton of creative spots to hide around. 

Plus, with a maximum limit of 16 players, you can bring in the whole gang and scour the park for your friends. However, if you’re a Seeker, be sure to check every nook and cranny since you never know which creak opens up to a secret hiding spot.

6 – Fishy Mansion Hide and Seek

  • Map Code: 0436-7111-2174

Why settle for a regular old mansion map when you can dive into the depths of this underwater oasis? With unique hiding spots and underwater areas to explore, Fishy Mansion is sure to have you hooked.

You’re dropped on an island with a beach-side mansion, and as a Hider, you’ll have a plethora of places to hide behind. Whether underwater or behind paintings, the mansion has something for everybody. You must survive against the Seekers until the timer expires to be crowned the winner.

7 – Capsule Corp Hide and Seek

Image via mtl_rellik
  • Map Code: 1157-7234-4249

MTL_RELLIK has designed the perfect map for Dragon Ball Z fans. Play hide and seek in the Capsule Corp and the Future West City to experience an authentic Dragon Ball adventure within the realms of Fortnite. While playing hide and seek, you’ll be able to explore all the wonders from popular anime, like the Dragon Radar and even Bulma’s time machine.

Since you’re hiding within the walls of the Capsule Corp, you’ll have to look for hiding spots around and even within the advanced tech that Bulma has spread everywhere. You can either hide in the basic Fortnite map blocks like bushes or get creative and look for areas in the Capsule Corp equipment, like computers and the furniture placed in the area. You may even parkour over the pipes and wires to find even better places to hide.

Honorable Mention: Mountain Mansion Hide and Seek

Fortnite promo image for the Mountain Mansion
Image via Fatal Creations
  • Code: 3548-1991-7161

As a bonus, we will add this mountainous map. Created by Fatal Creations, this map supports up to 16 players and offers plenty of hiding places for everyone’s enjoyment. If you are looking for a quick getaway, this map is perfect for you.

Using these map codes, you can have one of the best Fortnite Creative experiences by playing hide and seek with other people. Let us know which map you liked the best from our list, or take a look at our other Fortnite map codes, Best 1v1 Map Codes, Fortnite Best Aim Course Codes, and Best Gun Games Map Codes.


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