All Rewards on the Battle Pass For Chapter 4 Season 2

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Fortnite Battle Royale is known for its unique and exciting Battle Pass system, which allows players to unlock a variety of rewards as they progress through the game. Each new season brings a fresh Battle Pass, and Chapter 4 Season 2 is no exception.

This guide will look at all the rewards available on the Battle Pass for Chapter 4 Season 2. From skins and emotes to V-Bucks and more, we will explore all the rewards players can unlock as they play Fortnite Battle Royale this season.

All Rewards on the Main Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

PageItemStars RequiredRarityType
1Renzo The Destroyer3UncommonLoading Screen
1100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
1Unnamed2UncommonBanner Icon
1The Destroyer’s Destroyer7UncommonHarvesting Tool
1Swag Shot7EpicEmote
1Destroyer Signature4RareWrap
1Jaw Off3RareEmoticon
1Nemesis Box5UncommonBackbling
1Renzo The DestroyerIncluded!LegendaryOutfit
2Renzo The Magnificent3LegendaryLoading Screen
2Starry Sockets3UncommonSpray
2100 V-Bucks5EpicCurrency
2Nemesis Box5LegendaryStyle
2Renzo Velocity4LegendaryContrail
2Renzo The Magnificent9LegendaryStyle
3Imani3UncommonLoading Screen
3Unnamed2UncommonBanner Icon
3Vicious Vintage6RareHarvesting Tool
3100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
3Needle Dropper6RareGlider
4Future-Fi Imani3UncommonLoading Screen
4Arcade Cat3UncommonSpray
4100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
4Future Dreams4RareMusic
4The Boom5EpicStyle
4Future-Fi Imani9EpicStyle
5Thunder3UncommonLoading Screen
5Monstrous Hunger3UncommonSpray
5Kaiju Cutter7RareHarvesting Tool
5Thunder Brawl3UncommonEmoticon
5100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
6Midnight Snack Thunder3UncommonLoading Screen
6Sushi Sign5EpicBackbling
6100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
6Chef’s Special7RareEmote
6Gila Classic4UncommonWrap
6Thunder Roll4RareMusic
6Midnight Snack Thunder9EpicStyle
7Mystica3UncommonLoading Screen
7Oni Teeth3UncommonEmoticon
7Ashglow Blade7EpicHarvesting Tool
7100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
7Remnant Blossom5EpicBackbling
7Lost Meteor6EpicGlider
8Crimsonbloom Mystica3UncommonLoading Screen
8100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
8Meteor Shower4RareContrail
8Horizon’s Call4RareWrap
8Ashglow Blade7EpicStyle
8Unnamed2UncommonBanner Icon
8Crimsonbloom Mystica9EpicStyle
9Stray3UncommonLoading Screen
9Fox Wayfinder5EpicBackbling
9Stray Fox4UncommonWrap
9100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
9Stray’s Side Eye3UncommonSpray
10Renegade Stray3UncommonLoading Screen
10Standing Bow7UncommonEmote
10100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
10Unnamed2UncommonBanner Icon
10100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
10Foxfire Edge7EpicStyle
10Renegade Stray9EpicStyle
11Highwire3UncommonLoading Screen
11Highwire Hop3UncommonSpray
11100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
11Neon Menagerie5EpicBackbling
11Plasmacore Claws7EpicHarvesting Tool
12Pack Leader Highwire3UncommonLoading Screen
12Highwire Skymark4RareContrail
12Skowl Skull3UncommonEmoticon
12Unseen Airdrifter6RareStyle
12Neon Menagerie5EpicStyle
12100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
12Pack Leader Highwire9EpicStyle
13River Empress Mizuki3UncommonLoading Screen
13River Guardian5LegendaryBackbling
13100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
13Fan Attack3UncommonSpray
13Breaking Waves7EpicHarvesting Tool
13River Empress Mizuki9LegendaryStyle
14Mizuki3UncommonLoading Screen
14Wings Of The Storm7EpicGlider
14Reality Flow4RareContrail
14Unnamed2UncommonBanner Icon
14Miffed Mizuki3UncommonEmoticon
14100 V-Bucks5LegendaryCurrency
14Arrival Of The Empress9UncommonEmote

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All Rewards on the Bonus Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

PageItemStars RequiredRarityType
1Foxfire Edge7EpicHarvesting Tool
1River Guardian5LegendaryStyle
1Needle Dropper6RareStyle
1Mega Mavericks2UncommonLoading Screen
1Wintersong Mystica20EpicStyle
2The Boom5EpicBackbling
2Empress Fan Dance7RareEmote
2Breaking Waves7EpicStyle
2Rococo Cloak-O20LegendaryStyle
3Unseen Airdrifter6RareGlider
3Sushi Sign5EpicStyle
3Unnamed2UncommonBanner Icon
3Kaiju Cutter7RareStyle
3Magmatic Mizuki20LegendaryStyle
4???EpicTo Be Revealed…
4???EpicTo Be Revealed…
4???EpicTo Be Revealed…
4???EpicTo Be Revealed…
4???EpicTo Be Revealed…
5???EpicTo Be Revealed…
5???EpicTo Be Revealed…
5???EpicTo Be Revealed…
5???EpicTo Be Revealed…
5???EpicTo Be Revealed…
6???EpicTo Be Revealed…
6???EpicTo Be Revealed…
6???EpicTo Be Revealed…
6???EpicTo Be Revealed…
6???EpicTo Be Revealed…

All Rewards on the Quest Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

1Mega NightsUncommonLoading Screen
1The Destroyer’s DestroyerEpicStyle
1Reckless ReverbRareContrail
1Headliner ImaniEpicStyle
2Pulsing PurrUncommonEmoticon
2Vicious VintageRareStyle
2Delivery DiverUncommonGlider
2Sweet ShotRareEmoticon
2Rumbling ThunderEpicStyle
3Lost MeteorEpicStyle
3Fox WayfinderEpicStyle
3Plasmacore ClawsEpicStyle
3Stealth StrayEpicStyle
4Remnant BlossomEpicStyle
4Wings Of The StormEpicStyle
4Taiko DrumbeatRareEmote
4Bubblegum HighwireEpicStyle

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All Rewards on the Erin Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Eren’s FaceoffUncommonSpray
Basement KeyEpicBackbling
Scout Regiment SaluteUncommonEmote
Titan StrikeEpicHarvesting Tool
Determined ErenUncommonEmoticon
Regiment GearUncommonWrap
UnnamedUncommonBanner Icon
Eren JaegerEpicOutfit

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