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Destiny can do no wrong for me and my family... Love it.... Can't get enough

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I still play it and absolutely love it! I can't wait for the Taken King

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I'm hooked on it... I respect reviewers opinion, but mine is a bit different than his... I haven't even started the night system mini games yet... The more you play the better you get.. When I started j sucked at putting.. Now I am burying some long ones... It isn't a perfect game by any means, but not many games are...

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So much fun!!!

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I'm not saying its the best game ever... just saying that in my opinion, that giving this game a 4/10 is laughable. As for reviewers being well respected in community... good for them... keep on keepin on...
now as for you saying your not surprised at the low scores... i respect that... but guess what i am surprised at "some" of the low scores... I love that we all have choice to like and what not to like... Happy gaming

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I have both XBox One and PS4... No Biased opinion.... The game is fun...period... Its crazy how when someone likes a game that they are considered a

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Im just glad i didnt listen to the reviews and still got it... the saying goes ...Haters gonna hate

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I happen to love the game.... different strokes for different folks.. money well spent

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I'll join tonight... cant wait to try it online!! Love game so far... I suck at sim racing ... This is just fun... see ya online... SqueezedWeazel

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Mortal Kombat X ... Sub Zero ....notice drops of blood

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release Minecraft bundle for Vita....they will come

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Just watched movie and now watching my kids play the game... So far they love love love it... Go see movie. It is a very charming film.

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I cant believe how much I play this beta... same level over and over...and I love it!!!

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I hope they come out with PS4 Vita bundle.... I have a vita already but wouldn't mind another :-)

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I feel your pain... Am to frustrated with this problem. I also am praying Sony wakes up and makes a 64 gig memory card... Real soon..

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all this time i thougt it was only Vita that was pegged with doom and gloom.... haha must be a slow day at the office for this guy... I have a Vita and love it...I have a WiiU and my kids love it... I sometimes think that they do these articles to make fans read the comments to show how others are loving their console...reverse psycology... Or mabey they are just being negative and cant see the good in anything..(shrugs)

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I want 64 Gig Card, I was downloading games like a madman thinking i have so much space....then voila happened... and now I am sitting there deciding what games to have on vita and which ones to put on ps3 memory... I really hope they announce to us if and when a bigger memory card is gonna be available

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Hoping we see NHL on vita in 2013

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Picked up Sonic Allstar Racing Transformed... Having a lot of fun with it so far... Looks great on the Vita although if u read IGN review they were pretty tough on the graphix. They aren't my primary review site thank God otherwise I wouldn't have any games... Lol

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I bought this game going from a positive review I read.... Wasn't on my radar to get and never heard of it... But have to say, I am glad I bought it... Great addition to the mulitiple ps vita games I already own and love. If they had a demo of this game I'm sure it would sell like hot cakes.

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