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obsessive attacks on Dragon?

Wow, melodramatic much? Where on earth did you get that from?

Its seems like Ive ruffled a few jimmies about KZ SF using P2P, dont get mad at me, get mad at Sony for making you pay for P2P networking.

Please explain to everyone how im trolling?

Please explain how Im trolling by stating facts that KZ will use P2P.

How am i trolling about the 360 having a better controller?

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The DS4 is still not as good as the 360s, I dont know why you would be looking forward to it.

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The cell is the reason why Agent and the Last guardian wont come out.

There is a reason why Sony dropped it for the PS4.

What an epic fail the Cell was.

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I know right. I dont think I've seen someone own themselves so bad like Dragon has. You could sell that guy magic beans.

He doesnt have a clue what dedis are and neither do all the people that agreed with him.

Sorry Sony fans, but will will be playing on P2p again next gen which is just sad

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wow, did the mods really just ban me because Im exposing the lies that are being spread about KZs servers?

You are quite angry Dragon.

Dragon, do you even know what a dedicated server is? You obviously dont. You have NO CLUE!

" However, the servers will only act as a hub between different game clients and any game logic will not be hosted on the servers"

Can you understand that statement? That came from GG.

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