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Finally someone with some common sense.

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Okay this act is just way to far. I am one of the few that actually enjoyed the ending, because it was realistic to have a single person's actions change the course of the galaxy. What did people seriously expect and if you look into the entire final mission sequence it may have been a brilliant narrative sequence. That is pending on the idea of indoctrination theory is proved to be true by the writers, but still this is uncalled for. Could have it ended better? Yes. Of course in a game l...

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I took a similar stance that the writer took, but I only thought of the possible indoctrination after I beat it. I looked at all the solutions and seriously only destroy leaves you with a viable solution that can guarantee an end to the problem. This is why I went with destroy and afterwards I came across some threads about the ending involving indoctrination and if this was the point of the writers then this is simply one of the best endings of a game I have played.The fact that the child...

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do u know if the same applies to mass effect

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r u serious
holy shit i just turned off my ps3

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i think everyone has been doing that i have been killing time by playing my pac-man demo
one five-minute game at a time

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why is everyone so pissed about having mark wahlberg
he just did an amazing job on The Fighter and if he can do something similar the movie will be good

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i come from brampton and i already know that this will be the thing that everyone will talk about tomorrow
i probably someone who is connected to the ppl who stole the stuff:P
$30 GT5 here i come :)

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This game had the best demo ever.
My favourite move is when you go into a powerslide and punch someone it just looks so awesome.
I just hope i will have enough money to get it

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i played my friends move yesterday and i found the results satifying
volleyball extremely fun, but I think developers will have their work cut out for them to make it fit perfectly with the move

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you should sell some of these
I would definetly buy them

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since I have a ps3 now i feel like picking up the move, but even if I had both systems I would still go with the move as of right now, because I feel the games at the start will be better. Plus it seems like the perfect blend of the wii and the kinect due to the eye toy component and the controller. I still want kinect to do well, but I think it will take a lot of trial and error before they nail the formula for hands free gaming.

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Fallout 3,Demon Souls and Dragon Age were amazing. So far my favourite has to be Fallout 3, but I can't wait to play Mass Effect 2 when it comes to the PS3

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well this sucks
this game looked awesome but hopefully there is something else coming out on PSN that will satisfy me

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If this truly is happening then they should also include the first one, but im not holding my breathe but either on the ps3 or not it seems like an excellent game

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LOL too jokes

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