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Are you for real Dragon?! ARE YOU FOR REAL!?

I cannot believe that you just posted that nonsense!

You were suckered buddy and so were many other Sony fans.

Those links only prove that it is really IS P2P, if your were capable of reading between the lines.

Mods! Why is this user allowed to spread lies without being bubbled down?! This is ridiculous!

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Dragonknight is the perfect example of whats wrong with this site. People should be bubbled down for spreading misinformation.

"Put the pamphlet away and read some actual facts. No Sony first party game is going P2P. The very idea that the PS3 had more dedicated servers than the Xbox 360, and yet somehow the PS4 is going P2P is absolutely ludicrous. I wouldn't expect you to understand, given your paycheck, but the links are out there for you to read instead of taking...

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