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Nintendota "U" Sanshiro (Mr. Nintendo U)

I have been gamming for a long time now. I have mostly been a console gamer throughout my life. But I will admit that my first real console was a Vetrex. You see when I was a kid I was always playing last year’s success. Growing up poor will do that. But it gave me a real appreciation for good games. While I have never been the biggest Nintendo fan the system did grow on me. I was one of the few to adopt the Virtual Boy and played the hell out of it. No Joke! But as time went on I grew closer and closer to Sega. When the Dreamcast came out they released two of the greatest games of all time. Shenmue and Shenmue 2! Soon after Sega would die.. But not you Nintendo! You helped Sega along with Sony to sustain them. Even some of the greatest games like Sonic and Skies of Arcadia would make their way to your console. Fast forward to today and I will be honest, I have an extensive PS3 collection of games. But my most prized games on that system are all from Sega. The Yakuza series has been phenomenal.

I adopted the Wii U after learning of Sega intent on releasing Bayonetta 2 on your Console the Wii U. This letter is intended to “Open” your eyes and to kick Sony’s ass while you can, if not in America then worldwide. Contact Sega “NOW” get on your knees and give them whatever amount they need in order to have Shennme, Skies of Arcadia 2 and Segata SanShiro (Mr. Sega) as your new mascot. You can call him Nintendota U SanShiro (Mr. Nintendo). Pay him whatever he asks. He is a system seller! Sega should have never killed him, there for you need to bring him back as the phoenix reborn as the mascot of Nintendo.

I know this may not make sense from a business point of view but if you do these things and have Nintendota U Sanshiro at the helm of your marketing. Systems will sell! If you release Shenmue on your system you will have sold at least 5 million units worldwide. While that does not seem like a lot.. the potential for immediate growth is there.Open your eyes Nintendo before Sony and Microsoft take all the action.

As a proud Wii U owner I hope to see some of Sega’s future master pieces hit your system in the not too distant future.

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