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Why Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be awesome

I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. I love all the characters. The only character that got on my nerves was Raiden. He was a whiny wimpy kid in Metal Gear Solid 2. However in MGS4 he was seen as a cyborg. A bad ass cyborg too! I now have much more respect for the character.
Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be coming out next year. I really think that this game will be just as good as the previous games. Read on to hear my reasons:

1. The game will have improved stealth elements. According to the creative producer Shigenobu Matsuyuma, Raiden will have robotic augmentations that will enhance its speed and flexibility. So your playing like a ninja instead of a normal person. Matsuyuma stated that players will use "Hunting stealth" instead of the "Waiting stealth" of previous games.

2. The game is an interquel, meaining that it takes place between two previous installments. Rising takes place in between MGS2 and MGS4. You will find out what happened to Raiden after the events of MGS2.

3. You can cut virtually ANYTHING you see. You can even cut enemies or cyborgs open in order to obtain things such as batteries that Raiden can use to restore his health.

4. Solid Snake was exclusive to Playstation, but not Raiden. You will be able to enjoy this game on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

5. The PS3 version will be in 3D. Awesome.

I just really hope that Konami doesn't screw this up. I really want this game to work!

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Godmars2902374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Is the game even coming at this point? Nothing but questions about it was asked at E3 and if the same happens at TGS I can't see how it at least in trouble.

I honestly don't get how MS gets game companies to put themselves under pressure like, and this is MS's fault. They're the ones who hauled Kojima out on their stage to introduce the game and the next thing you know he's all but distanced himself from it.

Nate-Dog2374d ago

You hated the Raiden in MGS2 that actually had a personality and life and was a realistic character for players to use, but loved the depressive and lifeless MGS4 Raiden because he had a big sword and suddenly was a "bad-ass" because he could do flips and all sorts of crap yeah?

As for the game, Matsuyama has talked and talked and talked of stealth in this game to shut up older fans who are complaining saying the game won't be like a real MGS game (like myself), but he hasn't shown a single bit of it so I'm not convinced myself. I really haven't a clue what the delay in production is (my own theory was that they were at crossroads about the story but since they've said they're not focusing on loads of long cutscenes and story it isn't really plausible) but it's clear they announced the game way too early.

BiggCMan2373d ago

Regarding your first paragraph: I like how you think, anyone who disliked Raiden in MGS2, but loved him in 4 is just not a true fan. I loved both versions, and the cyborg just fit the story well. There was nothing wrong with Raiden in 2, people just complain when things change. If you think about it, you only play as Solid Snake in MGS, and MGS4. 2 is Raiden for the most part, and 3 is Big Boss. Anyways, 2 was a fantastic game with Raiden as the lead, 4 was mind blowing, the whole series is the best. However, I disagree with this blog, I think it will be an average hack and slash action game, with areas that let you choose to go silently or not. They are gearing towards a wider fan base with more action and less story. As for announcing the game too early like you said, I bet it was Microsoft just trying to show the world that Metal Gear would show up on Xbox.

Solid_Dave2373d ago

I agree with what your saying. When I I first played MGS2 I couldn't care for Raiden much because I had expected to play as Snake. But when I returned and played MGS2 again, I found that Raiden was a very passionate character. More so even than Solid Snake. I also agree that they are aiming for a wider fan base.

lex-10202373d ago

Solid Snake was never actually a PS exclusive.

Metal Gear: NES
Metal Gear 2: NES
Metal Gear Solid: PSone
Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes: Gamecube
Metal Gear Solid 2: PS2, Xbox, PC
Metal Gear Solid 3: PS2
Metal Gear Solid 4: PS3
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker: PSP
Metal Gear Solid HD Remake: PS3, Xbox360
Metal Gear Solid Rising: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Plus Solid Snake Showed up in Super Smash Brothers Brawl

If you look at it like that the only character at this moment that is exclusive is exclusive would be Naked Snake, and that's only going to be until November when the pack get's released on Xbox as well.

I agree with about 2 things. Points 2 and 3. Overall this is a rather poorly written blog. Sorry.

bunfighterii2372d ago

Yeah this misconception that Metal Gear is a Sony exclusive franchise annoys me. It spawns from the fact though that in Japan Xbox isn't even on the gaming radar, so the PS brand gets all the Metal Gear love from Konami and Kojima in terms of marketing, hype and lead development etc.

Though Guns of the Patriots will remain a Sony exclusive title, because I'm pretty sure they paid for a big chunk of it's development.

FredEffinChopin2373d ago

constructive criticism on the way:

Titles like "This is why _____ will be awesome" or "Why _____ is going to suck" scream out "Lazy blog from an excited fanboy and/or hater on the way!" It's like starting an essay with "There are many poems that reach us, but one in particular stood out to me... blah blah" It bores people before they properly get a chance to read and assess their feelings on the writing. It's too vague, and indistinguishable from a million others like it.

As far as the meat of this, it really isn't saying much. I'm excited for the next Metal Gear as well, but I'd hardly say time-setting relative to the previous story lines is a reason to expect quality from a title. I also don't see why a character that you dislike for being whiny becomes not only cool in a cyborg body, but now a reason the game will be awesome.

Anyway, figured I'd offer my two.

Solid_Dave2373d ago

Thanks for the tips bro.

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