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Nintendo = Best exclusives ever!

The king of consoles returns. The world is about to get a taste of Nintendo's latest offering and gamers the world over are waiting. Waiting to pick up the games that made their childhood. Waiting to see that great 3D effect in the palm of your hand. Waiting just to get their hands on that monster Nintendo call the 3DS!

Nintendo has not only won back their hardcore audience, they have received fantastic support from the third parties. Super Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil Mercenaries/Revelations, Dead or Alive Dimensions and the mother of all Metal Gear Solid are just a few of the notable games coming to the system. By next week all three territories will finally have a 3DS. And it is going to be amazing.

Nintendo has won back their old fanboys. Their hardcore offering even includes Ocarina of time! The N64 classic which is highly regarded by some as the best game of all time. Modernized in the palm of your hand with 3D standing in the background. Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Starfox 64: The list goes on!

One cannot fathom what this could have if third parties stick to their guns with the system. Nintendo will only keep up the good work with their offering. Imagine playing F-Zero on this beast. In 3D! Metroid and Donkey Kong are obvious candidates and we may get new favourites like Pikmin or Smash Bros. Perhaps even Nintendo VS Capcom!

Brace yourselves Microsoft and Sony because Nintendo have proved this is not just a kids machine. This is for serious gamers. Third parties may not even get a say in the matter of going on 3DS. They may need to put the games on 3DS to maximise their profits. There is a potential fanbase on there after all. This could easily be Nintendo's best console ever if third parties treat it with the respect it deserves.

I could not wait to pre-order my 3DS fast enough. And it is also a media player so it is definitely worth the money Nintendo are asking. And it isn't like its 599 US dollars. Time for Nintendo to return to the throne of king of the consoles.

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Rrobba2587d ago

'Time for Nitnendo to return to the throne'

They are in the throne now, so I don't know what you mean by return.

Also, I agree Nintendo have my favourite exclusives. However you speak of it as though it's a fact - it's all down to personal opinion.

tehpees32587d ago

This is bs! Sony make WWWWAAAAAYYYYY better games than Nintendo ever did! Its clear looking at games like Uncharted, Killzone and Little Big Planet.

Sony are continuing to raise the bar while Nintendo keep adding gimmicks and remaking the same games since 1985.

christheredhead2587d ago

sure you can say that sony makes better games but there are different genres and styles of gameplay where sony and xbox are non existent. so its extremely subjective. i cant turn on my ps3 to play a platformer or a long engaging adventure game because those types of games are void on next gen consoles. of course you can go into the psn store and point out tons of downloadable games in the genre but they lack full retail games of that nature in their library.

now im not saying they have the best exclusives. i enjoy nintendo games just as much or maybe even more than others. yet they still fill in the gaps where no one else is stepping up.

there is no competition for their line up of first party games. sony doesn't offer me an adventure game similar or better than zelda, a fighting game similiar to smash bros or a platformer like kirby, donkey kong or mario. if you can point me in the direction of where i can find those types of games on my ps3 i will happily admit that im wrong. its just that nothing comes to mind.

sony is definitely pushing the bar and releasing some great experiences yet, like i said, they are greatly lacking in certain areas for other genres that i like to play. thats where nintendo comes in to play as they bring to the table everything that sony doesn't have and for that they will always be relevant to me. unless there is a game that can beat them a their own genre i dont think my perspective of nintendo will change.

wquach2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )


Just wanted to note that I personally think (for me), LittleBigPlanet does a ample job at my platformer fix, The Last Guardian will provide the adventure I'm craving for (which I would consider rivaling a Zelda experience), Folklore and Demon's Souls also provide great adventure, and as for fighting games, Smash Bros. is wholly unique on its own; I personally get enough of fighting games thru Arksys, Capcom, and Namco. And you're right, PSN does have many platforming titles, which I feel rival or exceed even retail experiences, such as Braid.

And on that note, the PS3 offers its own unique gameplay styles that are missing from Nintendo in the form of titles like Flower or the PixelJunk series, or car combat like Twisted Metal, or epic action combat like God of War III, or narrative-driven adventure third-person shooters like Uncharted. Or a mishmash of genres like the shooting-platformer-puzzle-adv enture Ratchet & Clank. Or even something like Yakuza.

I will say though that I know what you're saying about a lack in pure platformers or adventure games - I wish there were games like Dark Cloud or Klonoa or Playstation equivalents to Mario and Zelda that are brought back from the PS1/PS2 days for the PS3. But again, the titles I mentioned before satisfy my needs.

But I definitely agree with you that you won't find Sony or Microsoft equivalents that will beat out Nintendo exclusives at their own genre because honestly, that's what Nintendo is king at, and if the competitors were to make their own equivalents, they'd probably come off as rip-offs.

On the flipside of this, Nintendo is not stepping up and offering the types of games that Sony and Microsoft offer; they stick close to their aforementioned formula of platformers or adventure games. So all three companies are guilty of making what they make best and sticking to it.

I just wish Nintendo and Rare would team up again and start pumping out more exclusives with huge colorful worlds besides Mario/Zelda. I think back fondly to games like Banjo Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini, and Donkey Kong 64.

No single system offers titles filling all the genres, but I personally feel that the PS3 offers the most diversity, with only retail platformers/adventure games along the lines of Zelda/Mario lacking. But again, the PS3 at least offers a few titles (just not many), like LBP or The Last Guardian to meet those needs. Can't say the same about the 360. Or Nintendo if I were to say I wanted to play a brutal strategy-adventure like Demon's Souls, a shooter-platformer like Ratchet & Clank, or a narrative-driven-TPS like Uncharted.

christheredhead2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )


yah definitely. i wasn't trying to pick on sony or anything cause the same goes for nintendo. i cant really turn to them to play an engaging story heavy single player besides zelda (which really isnt all that narrative driven to begin with) and they dont have any online fps games that rival what the hd consoles do. so its goes both ways. they have their ups and downs. my wii gets just as much play time as my ps3 though. no real favoritism as they both have games i wanna play.

eferreira2587d ago

Nintendo does make amazing exclusives but they dont last as long as halo or uncharted

duplissi2587d ago




good thing mario, zelda, metroid, and pokemon didnt last....

eferreira2587d ago

Sorry meant lately. People still talk about halo and uncharted but not much of new super mario bros wii or other m. I love those nintendo games but they dont have as much as an impact to me anymore. Guess my above statement was pretty bad in my explanation.

DelbertGrady2587d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is in my top 3 best games this gen. The level designs for that game are out of this world.

eagle212587d ago

it's my favorite so far...but Zelda is coming. :)

Rage_S902587d ago

Nintendo do make great games but id like to see them make a more mature themed game, but thats just personal preference the one thing i will say is Nintendo are weak at is story telling. This is where i think sony shines, good thing i have both then ;)

blackburn52587d ago

Once again a blog written confusing fact with opinion. Sony has had some awesome exclusives as well in my opinion. And I am not sure how making a few ports to the 3DS proves that Nintendo is for serious gamers now. Why is it that Nintendo supporters immediately think that because they throw a few core games their way that automatically puts them at the same level as Sony or Microsoft? They have virtually hundreds of core games. The 3DS has about maybe about 10 and suddenly it is for the hardcore?

AGamerOfConsoles2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

I agree he is passing this off as fact a bit much when it is opinionated. But I do believe you are selling 3DS short here.

Nintendo have a good balance of games that are new editions of games for their core fanbase. And I would love to see where the ports are because as far as I can tell Ocarina of time is a REMAKE. It has content not found in the original and it has increased frame rate and graphics.

Its like saying that Resident Evil revival just announced is also a port.

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