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I was right! NGP-PSP2

This is a blog purely showing off I was right on quite a lot of the points I made with my blog on the PSP2's supposed features.

I said it could possibly include Android, I said it wouldn't use TEGRA, I said it would focus on the hardcore market, I said it'd have console-esque power, I said they'd be going with their own Android-Store; I pretty much nailed my predictions (these were BEFORE any other "leaks", check the blog date!).

So, to make this blog have a bit of consistency and actual worth in reading, here are some more predicitions:

- PlayStation Suite will be a huge success. It'll allow indie devs to bring games to the system via android, and you're going to hear some REALLY nice "rags to riches" stories similar to that of Angry Birds or even Minecraft.

- The system will be $299.99. This offers a easy-to-afford pricepoint and will allow Sony to perhaps make 2-system owners of 3DS purchasers. Therefore they won't exactly be competing in the same way the DS and PSP were until much later after the system debuts.

- Depending on how this year unfolds with Parallax Barrier products (I forsee these being the next "tablet" rage) we may see the NGP-3D. Of course this won't be until 2013 or later, but by then Sony will have mastered the quality-3D ratio.

- Bioware or Bethesda will be going to it. Either one.

*Heres hoping my predictions are right again!*

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