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Ubisoft May Expose The Hypocrisy Among Core Gamers

Do any of you remember this little problem of always on DRM that the Xbox One had? No? Well, basically the Xbox One required an internet connection that would check up on you every 24 hours. This pissed people off for a month straight and Microsoft changed it a few days ago. Yeah, I know you all know what I'm talking about, but I wrote that whole thing out on purpose. Why? Well because Ubisoft has revealed the complete hypocrisy present in the core gaming community. Allow me to explain.

The core gaming community rallied against Microsoft's DRM, as well they should have. Now, Ubisoft have confirmed that The Division and The Crew, two of their upcoming titles, will be always online. You can play in single player, but you have to remain online for the game to function. Do you know what I saw when I read up on this? People liking this move from Ubisoft. Things like "I'm fine with always online DRM as long as it's not just a DRM that they throw at you and it serves some actual purpose" or "MMO's do this all the time."


What was the point in tearing into Microsoft about a once every 24 hour check if you're going to sit there and agree with an always on requirement. Not once every 24 hours, ALWAYS! That means if your connection goes out at any time during the day, you can't play the game. At all. And you're applauding Ubisoft for this? This is the same company that introduced always online DRM to PC gaming and were met with fierce opposition and cracking until they finally had to get rid of it. Why would you support this for games but pitch a hissy fit over Microsoft doing it?

Either support both, or support neither. If you support one and not the other, you're a flip flopping hypocrite and unworthy of gaming period because you're the reason companies get away with trying to screw us ALL over. If any percentage of people support these terrible practices, we ALL suffer for it.

Does no one remember SimCity or Diablo 3? Oh but it's ok if Ubisoft does it? Why? Because you like the game? Bullsh*t. Microsoft will look at what Ubisoft is doing and quite rightly feel like metaphorically pulling their hair out. And once Ubisoft gets away with it, expect more always online games.

It's one thing to require an internet connection to play while you're playing it if it's strictly online, it's quite another to force online for the single player aspects of the game. Why would anyone support this? Why would anyone who was against what Microsoft were doing turn around and support Ubisoft?

This next generation of gaming hasn't even fully began and it's already a clusterf*ck of lies, anti-consumerism, delusion, and hypocrisy. Quite frankly, any of the flip flopping hypocrites around deserve to have all of their rights taken away because clearly they only care about them selectively instead of completely.

Thank goodness for me that I'm tired of shooters trying to masquerade as RPGs of any kind, and don't care for driving games so this doesn't have any impact on me in the short term. But if Ubisoft gets away with this because of the flip flopping hypocrites and it DOES have an impact on me in the long term, I'm going off on all of you regardless of it having any actual impact in the end.

Get your priorities straight people. We're either all in this together, or we shouldn't bother being in it at all.

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dedicatedtogamers1829d ago

TBH, I was puzzled why people were going ga-ga over The Crew and The Division. Neither game looked remotely interesting to me, but that's just, like, my opinion, man.

I agree. After seeing all the flip-flopping and declarations of "Xbox gonna win now that DRM is gone!", it is yet another confirmation that a lot of gamers lack self-control and integrity.

These gaming companies need to realize that if they make it OPTIONAL yet ENTICING, people will go along with it. Online was not required for Demon's/Dark Souls, but most people played it online for the various benefits. Give us the option and WE will decide if the game needs to be online or not.

DragonKnight1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Exactly. Options are always the best way to go. But people going nuts over these 2 games and applauding the always online are what's wrong with the core community. I mean, if it's ok for Ubisoft, why was it wrong for Microsoft. I would love for someone to explain that.

Fez1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I agree with you about the hypocrisy. If you're talking about people's reaction on this site then it's pretty obvious why it was so wrong for MS but not for Ubisoft :P

But I think there is a difference between online requirements for a console and online requirements for a game. You might be willing to take the hit for a single game if it looks really good, but for every game throughout the entire console life takes a bigger jump.

The main issue with the One's DRM was Microsofts inability to explain it clearly and provide obvious benefits. Ubisoft will probably do that because it's a lot easier for a single game where you can show people what always online provides in gameplay.

darthv721829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

The big topic is "DRM" but does everything have to be related to DRM from this point forward?

Meaning if this game is an online connected game then why cant we just look at it as an online connected game?

DRM is a term for Digital Rights Management which =/= to online connectivity to play. Maybe i just dont understand but ever since the first words of what one company was doing it became "THE" word to use now for EVERYTHING.

Ever since this whole thing happened, DRM is becoming the scapegoat for anything and everything. That can't possibly be true and quite honestly, its ruining the buzz about next gen games because people are paranoid.

Lets give it a rest and get back to gaming news not DRM news. This is N4G not DRM4G

DragonKnight1829d ago

@Darth: The point where an online connected game becomes DRM is when online is a requirement for a single player experience. There is no justification for requiring online for single player aspects, and no explanation beyond DRM. I don't buy cloud computing because it has obvious barriers it has yet to overcome and SimCity had no advantages from it, so I don't buy into the idea that Ubisoft's games will magically benefit from cloud computing.

Ducky1829d ago

^ From what I'm aware, both The Division and Crew were built around an online world.

Considering that most of the footage shown for both games has emphasized the online aspect, its understandable why people interested in either game are not too worried about the online requirement.

Also, as far as I know, Ubisoft's other games like WatchDogs and AssassinsCreed are not always-online, so I think it's a bit unfair to say they're only doing it for DRM. They would've done it on all their games then.
... and they're still allowing you to resell your games, so I'm not sure why DRM would be a motivation to force always-online.

Bimkoblerutso1828d ago

I'm totally with you on the DRM stuff, DragonKnight, but like Ducky mentioned, these games are (as far as we can tell) being developed as MMO's. I have no more a problem with their existence than I do with, say, Guild Wars or PlanetSide.

Surely you can understand the difference between a console-wide policy restricting any offline singleplayer gaming, and a single game created around multiplayer mechanics that require you to be online.

loulou1828d ago

you had no need to write a blog about this, the answer is simple...

it is ok for anyone to do anything on n4g as long as it aint m$ doing it. donc voila !!

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HammadTheBeast1829d ago

I agree, the Crew is a racing game, absolutely no need for always online in a racing game.

The Division I understand, it seems like an MMO, I doubt there's even single player in it. But still, hypocrisy level achieved.

RavageX1829d ago

I personally don't give a proper damn about either game or any online-only game these days. I did that with MAG and while I enjoyed it, it's a struggle to get a decent match going now.

While these games seem fun, unless they are cheap I am not bothered to have them. Give a choice and the games get a better chance.

I can understand MMOs(obviously) being online only, but a racing Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a sorta MMO racer, but you can still play it offline.

The original post...the simple problem was choice. You didn't have that if you bought the Xbox One before they changed it. Someone else already mentioned this though. game that you can't play offline....not so bad. an entire system that won't let you play ANY game way.

rainslacker1829d ago

The crew could easily work in a traditional single player way. I could imagine some crazy taxi type stuff, taking down baddies through challenges and the like. Even having a focused story line if they wished. Ubisoft just isn't going that route though, so it's just challenges thought up by the online servers...which isn't really a bad thing, but makes me know that one day the game will be useless when the servers shut down.

The division I always thought was an MMO. Single player is just the online version in single player mode though I guess. If I had to guess there would be no campaign, so again, the story won't be centric to the player. The player will just be a participant in that world.

dedicatedtogamers1828d ago

*you are now reading my post with the Crazy Taxi announcer's voice

"Hey hey hey! It's time to make some cuh-raaazy money. Are ya ready? Heeere weee GOOO!!!"

*yaaa yaaa yaa yaaa yaaa from The Offspring kicks in

Man. It'll never be the year 2000 again, will it?

HammadTheBeast1827d ago


You have won the internetz.

I never got around to finding out what song that was despite sinking dozens of hours into Crazy Taxi on my Dreamcast.

admiralvic1827d ago

To be fair, I think hypocrisy is being thrown around, much like people throw around misogynist in a feminist topic.

For someone to be a hypocrite, you have to first do something hypocritical. This is just common sense. Now the important thing here is that only the people attacking the Xbox and praise these games are in fact hypocrites. Like don't forget that there WERE people that were okay with the "always on" because it "didn't affect them" and there will always be people that don't care about anything if it doesn't affect them.

Really seems silly to call any group or really anyone a hypocrite without proper proof of it. Not like the "core" community has universally agreed about anything ever.

coolbeans1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I log on today and you have to be the one who imparts this sad news to me. :'(


One of Alain Corre's (one of Ubisoft's directors) quotes mentions both titles having a single-player component:

Edit: "Not MMOs. You can have an experience on your own or with friends. It’s a non-stopping world, which is like life. You’re getting closer to life."

DragonKnight1829d ago

"I log on today and you have to be the one who imparts this sad news to me. :'("

Would it have been easier to handle had it been from someone else?

"Not MMOs. You can have an experience on your own or with friends. It’s a non-stopping world, which is like life. You’re getting closer to life."

That, to me, screams of PR spin. It also isn't much of an explanation as to why online is required for single player.

coolbeans1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

"Would it have been easier to handle had it been from someone else?"

Not sure where you're going with that. :/

Yeah...the explanation does reek of that. I wouldn't be convinced to see them say they are MMO's (at least with The Division) for damage control like EA did with SimCity.

Septic1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Sorry, but I actually burst out laughing at that gif fact I'm still laughing.....just spat on my phone hahaha.

Ah man ...your comment plus that gif ......aaaaah

Goldenarmz1829d ago

It really isnt the same thing, if my connection goes out. Then i know that i cant play that game. The difference lies in not being able to play the CONSOLE. Regardless of what game is being played. If my internet is down, then common sense tells me that i cant play an Online MMO. But i should be able to play Fable 4 or Mass Effect 4 or even Forza if i am playing the single player mode. So its just a slightly different scenario. They are saying you cant play this Single Game, MS was telling us we cant play our 500 dollar console. Which to me, is vastly different.

DragonKnight1829d ago

It's different yes, but it's also the same.

Consider: The Xbox One would "brick" if you missed the check in, but the check in was once every 24 hours. That means for 23 hours you could play anything offline without worry about your connection until the time came to check in. Connect to check in, disconnect and continue playing. That was the workaround.

With Ubisoft's games you have to worry about your connection ALL THE TIME. Even if you're playing single player, if your connection goes out then your game goes out. Imagine playing The Division and you reach a crucial point in the game, be it a climactic boss fight or the best part of the story, then you connection goes out. On the Xbox One if that happened you could still play so long as it didn't happen around the check in time. But with Ubisoft's system you're screwed and that part of the game is blocked from you until your connection is restored.

You also had better hope that losing the connection doesn't boot you to the title screen and that auto-save features don't have a glitch.

Sure, you can pop in another game and play it, but are you saying you wouldn't be "controller thrown at the screen" angry that your internet connection ruined your single player gaming experience?

Goldenarmz1829d ago

All of your comments are "what if scenarios" We dont exactly know how the Single Player aspect of Division will actually work, and who would go in to a game like Division and only want to play Single Player mode? That is an Online heavy game and people going in to that game probably know that. Its completely different from having your Console Bricking because you didnt pay your internet bill. I can deal with not being able to play a game for a certain period of time because my internet is out. Not my console that again, i paid 500 bucks for.

DragonKnight1829d ago

"and who would go in to a game like Division and only want to play Single Player mode?"

You'd be surprised. And given that Ubisoft included a single player mode, they obviously don't agree with your implication that few or none would want to play single player.

1829d ago
MysticStrummer1828d ago

I agree with Goldenarmz.

Not wanting a console that requires an online connection while still being interested in a game like Destiny isn't hypocrisy at all.

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