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Top 5 Most Wanted Playstation 4 Abilities

With the announcement of Playstation 4 coming up (hopefully), I could not hold in my hype for any longer and decided to make a top 5 most wanted abilities that I want the Playstation 4 to have. Remember, these are only what I personally want the Playstation 4 to have so it fits the way I play my games and use my system.

5. Run all games in 1080p or higher.

When the Playstation 3 released, most games that were released ran in 720p and they still do today. At the time this was revolutionary together with the high graphics that amazed our eyes. However, today even my phone that I use every day runs in 720p, as well as all the games in it. The chance of finding a Playstation 3 that ran 1080p was low, and the ones that did resulted in having a low fps as a penalty. Which leads me to our next point..

4. Run all games in 60fps or higher.

Once again, there exists some games that run in 60 fps like the Call of Duty genre which focuses on running as fast and fluid as possible. This improves the enjoyment of fast-paced games clearly, as well as making games seem more realistic.

3. The ability to record video footage and save the file as a video file.

This is an odd request that not many people might need or want. It’s something I really want in my console though because of my playstyle. Depending on the game, when you do something amazing that rarely happens you wish you could save that moment to show to your friends. Some games do have this function built in them, like Skate. However, to be able to save it as a video file and edit it would be great think to do in situations like these. In my mind, this inbuilt recording program would run constantly once you activate it and you would be able to stop it and save the past 15-20 minutes inside the harddisk.

2. Quicker XMB by using an SSD drive made to only run the OS.

While playing a game, pressing the PS button to check your friend list or trophies always took an extra 5 seconds or so. If this movement was instant, it would save so much time. This was improved in the Vita which has a quick home button and running games. If the OS was saved in a separate SSD (like modern PCs today), it would drastically improve the speed of navigation.

And last but not least…

1. Be able to update and install games while playing other games.

I believe everyone has had that moment where they find an interesting demo in the PS store, download it and then start a game. But after playing the game, you go to check how much % has progressed and see that it has not moved an inch. Downloads get paused whenever you run a game. Not only that, but when you want to install a game you cannot do anything else at the same time and you’re forced to either wait or find something else to do. This also applies to game updates and system updates. Making them all automatic would save so many of the rage moments we all have had.

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ExCest1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )


Like tempest slash? I want a PS4 to do a tempest slash...

On topic here: I'm pretty sure the SSD thing is only an option and even then, not for the OS (that's expensive to put SSDs in, even with the lowering prices).

I hear the PS4 is going to have some playback or share function where it records the last 15 minutes of gameplay at all times.

INehalemEXI1894d ago

attatch to my ps3 and form ps voltron.

Bladesfist1894d ago

I'm pretty sure the problem with the XMB is software related, The OS is on flash storage right?

DragonKnight1894d ago

I think it's also game specific as well. I've played some games where the XMB loads very quickly, like near instantly, and others where it's like watching grass grow.

OcelotRigz1893d ago

Depends on how much RAM is being used, that's whats responsible for how fast the XMB pops up, considering the huge upgrade, supposedly, for PS4, that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

TechieGuy1894d ago

Running games in 1080p should pretty much be standard now, especially with how far video cards have come since PS3 was released, and that most PC gamers are now playing easily at that resolution. With the industry very slowly moving to 4K, I don't think that will be remotely possible at this time with the current hardware available.

lex-10201893d ago

I am happy that you did not say Cross game chat. Not that I don't want it, but it's been over said and we all know why they can't.

Other than that this is a good list with the exception of the video recording. This would be an awesome feature but the amount of power it would take to both record and project a game at 1080p and 60fps would be unreal. I have a PC that can run BF3 on Ultra 60+ fps no problem, but when I try and record at the same time it staggers down to 24-30fps (without trying to compress the video files), and that's running hardware 30x more powerful than whats in the PS3. The PS3/4 would have to be a Behemoth of a machine to do that. Just saying.

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