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The average console owner.

Yesterday I had ventured into a local walmart to see the selection of games and to find some on sale. A man walks up to me while I am viewing PS3 games and says, "Hey bro, what's a good game to buy?" At this point I am surprised because I only buy games when I really want one or when I see a sale. I decide to help this fellow gamer and show him Red Dead Redemption, a game adored by critics and gamers. The man continues, "Oh, never heard of it."

At this point I freeze, for about 5 seconds as the awkward turtle walks by. I recover by telling the man that he should probably rent a game before he buys it, at this time I leave the store and go home.
In the past my understanding of all gamers was that they were, well, like me, but now my understanding of the average person has changed. Majority of people do not go to different review sites and read articles, majority of people do not follow game developers on twitter to know about new games that are being released. Not only this, but the majority of people do not know about gaming technology such as the new playstation move or the new microsoft kinect. When I saw the Project Natal video with the child scanning his skateboard into a game, I literally laughed because I knew that the technology in that video would not be possible on a gaming accessory budget. When I showed some friends the same video, they thought the mysterious project natal was cool and said that they would probably get it if it could do all that, even to this day they still think they will no longer need controllers for all of their games.

Sometimes I feel sorry for these misinformed gamers, but then I realize that they help keep the industry alive, as long as they keep buying games because of the looks of the box art.

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dizzleK2851d ago

i worked at gamestop so i completely understand what you mean. i simply can't grasp the concept of getting into a hobby, especially one that has a fairly large price tag like gaming, but not doing even the bare minimum of research or following the news. i used to be able to rattle off release dates and whatnot but i've sort of cooled on the hobby lately. however i still follow the news and reviews.

Crazyglues2851d ago

This is not just Gamers, it's more like people in General...

Not to be harsh but the Average Consumer is pretty dumb. They buy stuff for absolutely no rhyme or reason sometimes. (the old monkey see monkey do theory) -Just meaning that some people, well a huge portion of society tend to do things because they see other people doing it...

One example of this would be 3DTV's, which are no where near watching Avatar in the Movie theaters in 3D -In fact today's 3DTV's are more of a gimmick then an actually breakthrough in the technology. (never-mind the ridiculous $249 dollar glasses which are really not that much more advance then the Red and Blue glasses of the old days..

-but they will sell because people do dumb things when buying stuff, some don't research at all, some just buy because friends are buying and some are just impulse buying were you convince yourself you need something.

In Gaming it's sometimes hard to imagine that people would be buying games without doing any research, well actually it's really easy to understand.. Look at what Activision was saying would happen if they didn't put Call of Duty in the title of Modern Warfare... (Now to a hardcore gamer that would just sound really silly as all gamers would know Modern Warfare 2 is part two and we would have no problem understanding that)

-But they keyed in on something bigger that we probably never look at, the average consumer.. the people not buying for the reason you think they are - that market is actually pretty huge, it could be as big as 25 to 45 percent of the sales.. (it's also the reason it sold 20 million copies)

-The grandma's buying the next Call of duty for their grandson, the old guy who is just waiting for the next Call of Duty game (all he knows is it's the next call of duty game), the people buying as a birthday present, gift, reward present... some who never played a COD game but heard so many people talking about it, at work at school, on the radio.. Some one just getting into gaming and heard this is the hottest game right now.

All of these things are not the hardcore gamer, but they make up a huge part of game sales, and companies know this. I have heard people say they bought it because it was the next one in the franchise... or they heard it's the biggest game everyone is playing right now... So yes, these people make up a huge part of the gaming market, and that's something that's really interesting to look at.

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Chaostar2849d ago

You have a go at mr and mrs average joe the consumer for being ignorant of the facts when making a purchase then proceed to offer an ill informed and ignorant opinion of 3DTVs.

"[3DTVs] are no where near watching Avatar in the Movie theaters in 3D"

Actually the active shutter lens technology is superior to the passive polarised versions used in cinemas, giving a much clearer, brighter image with less ghosting and blur.

"$249 dollar glasses which are really not that much more advance then the Red and Blue glasses of the old days"

Well see above plus...

£59.99 which,according to works out at $95 yes expensive but no where near your exaggerated figure.

So before you post about consumer ignorance you might want to do a little research of your own.

The rest of your comment I agree with :)

Crazyglues2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Well Chaostar here is where we will agree to disagree, first let me say when I'm talking about 3DTV I can only go by my own experience... -not some site, or some link to someone else review of something -because we all know some site saying it's good does not really make it so.

My feedback is based off of the TV I saw in person at Bestbuy and the Glasses they had there to watch the Blu-ray Monsters in 3D... (so My feedback was based off of me actually seeing it in person) Which I'm pretty sure you didn't do because then you wouldn't have posted sites as your reference.

The glasses there cost $249 - and they were these ->
The Samsung 3D Starter Kit and yes they come with the movie -

The TV was a Samsung 3D HDTV - Now of course you could find cheaper glasses and a cheaper 3DTV - my point just was from what I saw in person, the 3D effect seem to be a gimmick (as it was not good at all, and would just be better to watch the Blu-ray in Normal non-3D view.. Sure maybe their are better glasses that do a better job.

but I was just talking about my actually experience, of trying on the glasses and watching what looked like some really Lame 3D effect... something that the average consumer is not going to understand they are just going to pick of this TV and Glasses because they say they do 3D

Now I could have easily went and found some sites that have good, or found some sites that say this is bad - but I gave you my actually experience with the tech -

If you go to amazon you will hear a lot of people talking about buyers remorse with their so called 3D TVs.. just read the second review from this guy who has the actual TV -

So I think you missed the point, when I talk about the average consumer being dumb- I meant in their buying decisions - not the consumer actually being ignorant - as I stated they buy stuff without reasoning... or checking into stuff.

Sometimes maybe they don't have the time or the need to, but they still make up a huge portion of the audience, that's all I was saying - All gamers are not hardcore gamers, hardcore makes up a huge part but another huge part is the Average consumer.

-A better example is like when someone who only has an Xbox 360 tells you why a PS3 is not as good, and they show you sites saying this game is worst on PS3 because it's a port from the 360 version. And that's why PS3 is not good.

The problem is, that does not make the PS3 system bad, just that game, now if he actually had both systems, he would know that but since his view is based off of reviews, and not actual facts, he tends to be missing the point.

So before you post about someone else comment, maybe you should read the whole thing and try to understand what they were talking about. This was never about 3DTV's, I just used that as a point of reference to something consumers buy without really researching it or checking it out for their self. (kinda like what you just did by posting some sites talking about tech you have not actually seen for your self)

Chaostar2848d ago

I don't know why but I sat and read the entirety of your long-winded comment... both of them. You defend your statement as a matter of opinion but word it as a matter of fact, common mistake.

Instead of...

"[3DTVs] are no where near watching Avatar in the Movie theaters in 3D"


"In my opinion... blah blah blah" or "With my personal experience of one tv in a store I think... blah blah blah"

Now normally I would have just breezed past, writing it off as your opinion anyway, but you follow immediately with a deliberate, misleading price to further your statement of contempt for the technology. Now you continue to defend that misinformation with a link that disproves your very point! The bundle you link to comes with TWO pairs of glasses (which you neglect to mention in both posts) AND a movie.

The latter half of your defense seems to assume I don't understand your incredibly sophisticated view (/s) and proceeds to condescendingly spell out your point complete with a cute little comparison in case I didn't follow. I'm gonna let all this slide but your final assumtion I must protest...

"kinda like what you just did by posting some sites talking about tech you have not actually seen for your self"

First of all the sites I linked to were both fact based and not opinion, both the tech specs of the glasses and price are statements of truth so other people can look and formulate an opinion for themselves.

Secondly, for your information, I have a LOT of personal experience with stereoscopic 3D in the cinema (Friend is a projectionist and I used to work there) and have played ALL the current Playstation 3D compatible games first hand on a number of home TVs (thank you Sony Style, John Lewis, Comet, PC world and currys) Also my gaming rig includes a very decent set of Nvidia 3D enabled graphics cards and monitors. Now I'm not even going to give you my opinion on all of this it's merely to point out your arrogant assumtion.

Oh and by the way "buy[ing] stuff without reasoning... or checking into stuff." is tantamount to being ignorant of whatever it is your're purchasing. Just saying.

Crazyglues2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Really dude, Seriously... ???

I mean what is it about, is it just that this is the internet or is it that the words when typed take on a different meaning then when spoken...

I don't know what it is but, I can't for the life of me figure out what it is in that comment that strikes you so much you had to write a whole response on 3DTV's and it's pricing and blah blah blah blah"

Again This is not about 3DTV's this was about how people buy games,(games, yeah I know crazy right?) I didn't know someone was going to get all technical about the glasses and the price of it, I only put that in there as reference/example to a bigger point, a point not being the price of 3D glasses but the point of how people buy things..

(I ask the best buy guy how much do these glasses cost, he said about 249, yes they come in a kit of two with the movie I said that -right before the link, (if you scroll up)- "The Samsung 3D Starter Kit and yes they come with the movie" which doesn't matter because even at $10 dollars they are a waste of money..)

I guess I should have fact checked it for you and got the exact price even though that didn't matter because that was not the point... which you clearly missed by the way..- hint* (this topic was about consumers buying games) -again not about 3DTV's

but I think I get it now, you said, "it was this misleading price to further your statement of contempt for the technology." oh, that's what set you off...My contempt for the technology.. I see now..

No wonder you go on and on about your experience with it and blah blah blah blah"

Dude, I could care less about 3DTV, if you want to have an intricate discussion with someone about 3DTV then find someone else, that's not me, I don't care at all about 3DTV, 3D gaming maybe/but most likely not... and that's it I'm done..

thank you..

I could go on and on about stuff you just took out of context but I don't really see the point, this whole thing is way off topic..

So on that note thank you for your comments & feedback, I'm sure there is a lot more to 3D and the tech as far as gaming, and I will look more into it.

and yes I agree with you too :) on whatever your point was.. -Thanks for the discussion

-and the reason I will not be responding to any further comments is not to be rude, but because I am out of bubbles...

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Chaostar2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

All I did was write a short comment calling out your fud, now and the whole of the internet is against you? It's nothing personal man, like I said I just don't like to see misinformation being spread, we get enough of that through fanboys and bias media to last a lifetime.

All I wanted is for people to see both sides of the arguement and judge for themselves, was it really too much to ask? You are very entitled to your opinions but when someone disagrees and states exactly why, with links, try not to fire back in an overly defensive, condescending manner.

You don't come across as a fanboy of any sort (which makes you better than a lot of people on this site) so I'm assuming your lack of enthusiasm for 3D is not just fueled by the 360s shortcoming in that dept (as sadly alot of people are). If you geniunely have an interest in 3D gaming then you should try all there is to offer before flaming the tech on a public blog.

Ok NOW we're done here, remember you were the one that brought 3D into this blog and I was replying to you and not the author, you only have yourself to blame for starting what you can't or won't finish. You intentionally set out to imply that the early adopters lucky enough to invest in a 3DTV were doing so because they were ignorant of your opinion of what its failings are.

I apologise to anyone reading who believes this may be off topic but I hope you can see why I defended my point.

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lh_swe2851d ago

Even if it isn't a hobby it applies, I mean if I go to rent a movie I have often looked at reviews on IMDB, the director or the actors involved. When I go to buy a new laptop, TV, speakers I often look up and compare specs and prices online to make sure I don't regret my decision later...and I can't fathom why people who want to have a good time playing a game don't take a brief 5-15 minutes to check whats hot and whats not so to speak.

I have a gaming neighbour who often likes to play games at my house and he often bases his gaming choice of how cool the box art looks in my collection...but this is ok for him and him alone as he is 4! When someone is older than 12 they should be able to make a decision that is based off more than the box art and the number of commercials have aired on TV about the game.

But when I go into a local game store and I see someone who's about to pick up Rogue Warrior for example, I offer my humble advice as to what other games I think are better.

billekillten2850d ago

On top of that PS3 recently received their video rentals, many of which are hi def, and Xbox360 had a huge library of rentals almost from the get-go.


kraze072850d ago

I agree with this. I can understand someone just walking into a store and buying cheap $10-$20 movies because they may sound interesting and have shiny box art or something, but when someone's buying $50 and up video games on impulse knowing nothing whatsoever about their purchase then that's an uninformed consumer. Even if a game is a new IP from some dev I've never heard of before I would still look up some info on it before buying it. The internet isn't just a tool for social networking it's the information super highway but apparently the average person doesn't know that.

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