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Luke Williams Talks Surgeon Sim, Jurassic Park & Unity

788 days 6 hours ago - Almost overnight a small game jam title called Surgeon Simulator 2013 became an internet sensation. Making a simple task so difficult to accomplish... | Interview | PC


Exclusive Assassins Creed 3 Interview | Hard Reset

980 days 9 hours ago - Lorne Balfe is a music composer, born in Inverness Scotland, who started his career making jingles and later became producer and co-composer on mas... | Interview | PC


Deadlight: Interview | Hard Reset

1071 days 9 hours ago - Today we managed to steal Raul Rubio Munnarriz, Tequila Works CEO and the creative director of the forth coming Xbox arcade release: Dead Light. Li... | Interview | Xbox 360


The price of free: NGmoco Interview

1073 days 22 hours ago - NGmoco’s merge with Japanese mobile giant DeNA has opened the floodgates of Japanese mobile games. The resulting influx of titles coming from the E... | Interview | Industry


Born of Competition: An Interview with Dag-Erling Jensen

Now - Dag-Erling Jensen, Game Designer of Process Games, answers questions about how the small company was formed, details on how they designed a game in... | Promoted post

Play Reality: Interview

1109 days 23 hours ago - Back In April you may have seen this news story on Kotaku about a mother & son power team that not only defends our chosen hobby that is videogames... | Interview | Culture


8bitEGO Interview | Hard Reset

1169 days 15 hours ago - Pixelated Heads? What am I talking about you might ask. Well I will tell you, I recently got the chance to interview a young man called Jenai abo... | Interview | Industry


Ryan Vandendyck Interview part one | Hard Reset

1191 days 18 hours ago - I recently had the chance to sit down (via email) with Ryan Vandendyck, the creative mind behind the recently released Waveform. In this first part... | Interview | PC


Hard Reset: Interviews Daytona 5 Bill

1198 days 9 hours ago - I recently got the chance to interview Daytona 5 Bill aka. Mr. Garland Wyatt. Some of you may know him, some of you may not but it cannot be denied... | Interview | Xbox 360


Finish Him!: Ketchup & Mustard Interview Part 2

1202 days 18 hours ago - Welcome back to part two of our interview with top Mortal Kombat players Ketchup & Mustard. In this part we discuss their plans for the EVO tournam... | Interview | Xbox 360


Finish Him!: An Interview With Ketchup & Mustard Part One

1205 days 10 hours ago - With so many wins under their belt, one would find it difficult not to notice such skillful players. At the recent world games cup in Cannes, I man... | Interview | Xbox 360

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