Armored Cored: For Answer Date plus DMC 4 details

PS3 Armored Core For Answer 3/19

DS SimCity DS 2 3/19
DS Gundam 00 3/27 (same week at first season ends)

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Skerj3526d ago

[email protected] installing for PS3 DMC4. Dude at that size it better have NO loading whatsoever.

zPlayer3526d ago

i'm more shocked about the Armored core news!

felman873526d ago

the HDD install is for no loading, just like for Genji, NGS and UT3

BLuKhaos3526d ago

I installed both Ninja Gaiden and UT 3 but both still have loading screens

pwnsause3526d ago

they both load, but its very minimal if you install it to the HDD, i compared it, and there is a difference, you should try and see

moujahed3525d ago

It loads faster, takes longer reading from the disc, but finds it faster on the HDD... much like the HD-LOADER for the PS2 which allows you to load entire games onto your HDD.

I installed UT3, have hella songs, and movies on my PS3 including demos, and downloaded content. and I have 56gigs left on my 80 gig HD.

It's gonna take a lot more games, movies, and other crap for me to need an Upgrade.

Too bad 360 owners cant experience this, it will make your System better than what it is.