Alan Wake’s American Nightmare implement FXAA, has a selectable Vsync

Remedy has confirmed that Alan Wake will implement FXAA and the game has a selectable Vsync option.

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hardcore19122433d ago

let's hope it run at 720P native resolution this time.

Adexus2433d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you? :\

I guess they either want the game to run at a higher res which simply won't be possible or they are happier with 540p... lol

Also for proof:

Braid2433d ago

I wonder why they don't use FXAA in every game. It's resource friendly and it can run along with traditional AA types, and it makes a lot of difference. You'll notice no FPS drops at all, it works like a charm. Let's hope it becomes common in the near future.

Denethor_II2433d ago

Maybe because it generally looks awful, and turns anything that's sharp into a blurry mess?

Braid2433d ago

Are you sure you're familiar with the technology? With some good adjustment of post-sharpening shaders you won't notice a thing. By doing this all it does will be smoothing edges and ironing out flickering lines.

Frankfurt2432d ago

FXAA on consoles is not the same as FXAA on PC.

RyuStrife2432d ago

They should all drop fxaa, and implement smaa. SMAA is better, less blur, better subpixel AA. Just a little more taxing than fxaa.

honkyjesus2433d ago

There's a Hidden Valley Ranch party in my mouth.