Square Enix announces Final Fantasy XIV World Mergers on March 27th

Square Enix has announced that it will be conducting Final Fantasy XIV World Mergers on March 27th...

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frankiebeans2355d ago

I want them to announce ps3 release date and make it soon please because my laptop cant run the game.

Sobari2355d ago

The game will probably be dead before then.

hazelamy2355d ago

world mergers, never a good sign for an mmo.

next it'll either be a switch to free to play or shutting down.

now i don't think they've actually been charging a sub since launch due to the problems but they could announce that they will make the game fully free to play with an item store.

ScubbaSteve2354d ago

Last I heard, which might have changed, they were going to start charging a fee at the beginning of this year which might be the catalyst for the mergers. I doubt it will go free to play anytime soon considering what they've stated about their recent plans. I suspect they'll try to fix the game and rebrand/launch it on the PS3. If that doesn't work then I'd expect them to implement a F2P model.

FinaLXiii2354d ago

oh man i want this on my PS3.