Insomniac working on second project for EA called “Outernauts”

Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac Games appears to be working on a new project for EA called "Outernauts" in addition to Overstrike.

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could it be a sequel to Psychonauts?

r212392d ago

if anyones gonna make a sequel to psychonauts, i expect it to be Tim Schafer and his double fine team :L

badz1492392d ago

but I guess if this is true, there'll be no R&C for awhile :-(

DaveMan2392d ago

Neogaf has a nice summary of this:

So I'm guessing we'll see overstrike this year, and outernauts in 2013.

Tres212392d ago

u kno how excited i got when i saw Outernauts (more excited than a man should man if its a sequel 2 Psycho den im all on it