Amazon's Encore Day Sale: Last Chance to Use $5 Holiday Vouchers.

Amazon are running a Game Downloads Encore Sale, offering up to 75% off selected titles while stocks last to help use up all those $5 Amazon game downloads vouchers that expire at midnight.

There are a heap of titles available for $7.99 including Bulletstorm, Alice: Madness Returns, Dead Space 2, Spore, Dead Space, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and more.

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Johnny Jiron2277d ago

I knew waiting would pay off. Tho I imagine a lot of impulse buyers may be annoyed.

vickers5002277d ago

A little bit yeah. I bought NFS:Hot Pursuit because I thought it would be the last decent deal.

Johnny Jiron2277d ago

Having been using Amazon as my goto place for deals, I've learned to wait it out more often then not. Doesnt always work out, but more often than not you get rewarded. A bit dickish of amazon to offer deals lower then what was featured during the initial event.

Picked up Burnout Paradise and Dragon Age bundle for $11 together after my $5 promo.