SOE Announces DC Universe Online’s Game Update 9

Heroes and Villains have been crawling around DC Universe Online for over year and now it’s time to assemble for battle.

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iXenon2365d ago

I can't wait to get my PS3 back so I can get back into this! I was an addict in the summer. Glad to see it's still be heavily supported after going F2P

TheSegaDreamcast2365d ago

With F2P, I think a LOT of MMOs can be successful on consoles.

GanjaMan2364d ago

WTF! WHEN DID THIS GO F2P!? I was going to get this when it came out but was put off by the subscription, so since it's gone F2P now first thing tomorrow i'm going to buy it. :)

Lex_Dangerously 2364d ago

Download it off of psn or however you do it for pc. You don't need to spend your money. Just download it for free.

I hope this helps man.

GanjaMan2364d ago

well iv already picked it up for £20 this morning so not to fussed cause thats a great deal and supporting the dev for making it free!
Anyways thanks for the advice

GraveLord2364d ago

Wow this game gets lots of updates. This is great.


30 raids aren't end of character progression?
announcement of pay you to download incoming.....