Report: Team Meat is NOT working on Super Meat Boy 2; Super Meat Boy WILL eventually come to PS3

DSOGaming writes: "Word had it that Team Meat was working on Super Meat Boy 2 and that the game would not be coming to PS3. Well, we have some good fans for PS3 players and some bad news for pretty much everyone else. According to Team Meat, there is no Super Meat Boy 2 and they are not working on it. In addition, Super Meat Boy will eventually come to Sony’s console, although there is no ETA as of yet."

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Godchild10202375d ago

I hope it comes to the Vita. It would be nice to just play this game on the go. Maybe it would have a little extra like Limbo did when it first came to the PSN.

coolbeans2375d ago

I believe both MS and Sony have a requirement for extra content to be included in later arcade releases, like Joe Danger: Special Edition for XBLA and Limbo for PSN.

Solid_Snake372375d ago

dude i would never download this game on the vita! I might in a fit of rage throw it at the wall or something

Goozex2375d ago

Going to vitawould be sweet and If it is successful on ps3 u bet Sony will bring it to vita. I remember xplay feed saying the developers would NEVER bring to ps3. Oh well looks like They changed their minds. Welcome super meat boy!

ReservoirDog3162375d ago

Haha, I'm very calm when I play games. Never had that controller throwing urge ever. But it'd be the end of anyone, including my vita if super meat boy is on it cause you'll fling it right out the window after a few hours of playing that on it.

Cocozero2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Strange their tweeter bio says this:

"Working on Game 2!!!. Also SMB will never be on PS3 sorry:( "


Could be they got hacked and someone tweeted that, an angry fanboy possibly.


Like I said that could of been hacked, their bio still remains: "Working on Game 2!!!. Also SMB will never be on PS3 sorry:( "

Why would they not change that too?

MAJ0R2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

"special thanks to the fans who know us & tried to inform the misinformed :) THERE WILL NEVER BE A SMB2! WE WILL DEV FOR THE PS3 EVENTUALLY!"

their latest tweet, not sure how you didn't see it

Smashbro292375d ago

There's no good reason for it to NOT be on PS3

ZeroChaos2375d ago

While I'm happy it will come eventually to PS3, I think the way they shunned the PS3 community because of the exclusity agreement might come back to bite them.

Paul852375d ago

Super meat boy on ps3 thats great!!!

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