Cell Phones Prove Why Developers Should Be Pushed

PushStartSelect : "I don’t know about you, but almost everyone I know has a smart phone and every single one of them want to upgrade as soon as a new one comes out. This is a good or bad thing. Personally I would like my phone to last a while, and get somewhat frustrated when a new addition comes out and out dates mine. This is why I think cell phones are the prime reason consoles and handheld gaming devices are healthy for video games in general."

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Me-Time2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

That's stupid. Technology progresses quickly. It's been 5-6 years since this gen of consoles were released. Think about 10 years ago. Web browser on a games console? HA!

But it didn't seem so groundbreaking to us, because by the time the PS3 was released, we were already pretty spoiled with technology that we wouldn't have expected to have some 20 years ago. About Twenty years ago was SNES and that's not that long ago.

I couldn't care less about what's in the article. Ipads are HERE for fucks sake. The real next gen consoles will be amazing. Not just because of graphics.

Zha1tan2322d ago

I can only imagine PS4 being worth a pickup if the price is reasonable because I can just picture Microsoft integrating Kinect (which I hate with a passion) into their console and making games entirely focused around it.

2322d ago
Zha1tan2322d ago

I like how a pot shot at my intelligence is made in your post lol.

Hmm and you dont think they are researching for ways to integrate controls for thsoe games into kinect? look at the new ghost recon game.

YOU must not be very bright if you think they spent absolute millions on research for Kinect to just throw it away as an accessory for the 360.

If it isnt the central control feature il eat the keyboard im typing on. Personally Halo is a shallow shooter which just bores me to tears and Forza is not an impressive sim at all.

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Zha1tan2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

How easy it is to yell "troll" when somebody has a different opinion to you fanboy.

You need to deal with the fact I think Halo is quite shit.

It is aim assist galore and any moron can hit a headshot and grenade spam wins and while you may think that is all brilliant I think that is utter crap and if that makes me a troll to have a differing opinion you complete and utter mongaloid then everyone else but you is a troll.

Im so sorry there is other opinions to your oh glorious flag waver of the MS corpration! im sorry the only worthwile series the 360 has put out is the gear of war series and yes believe it or not thats an opinion again.

Funny how this whole free speech thing works isnt it?

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_Aarix_2322d ago

The ps3 (no offense) is pretty shotty. Youd think they would run well considering how computers with less than half the power of a ps3 would run a browser just fine. Without the lag and the crashing and a better flash player.

bunfighterii2322d ago

Most phone games are glorified flash games and the ones that aren't play with an annoying touchscreen... yuck

Animals_as_Leaders2322d ago

The problem isn't that games can't be done on phones...the problem is that games aren't made FOR phones.

Ports of games that used a 6-8 button gameplay style do not work well on phones. If games were designed from the ground up with contextual buttons or intuitive onscreen buttons mobile gaming would be awesome.

Games like Plants vs Zombies are amazing on Android/iPhone. The developers need cash incentives to bring games out though which will never happen on an open source system.

It's hard to complain about the quality of mobile games when almost all of them are free...even the ones that come out as paid games eventually go free.

klecser2322d ago

I agree with nearly everything you said: except that cell phone games are "free". You're forgetting the "hidden" costs of operation that do not come with full console or handheld consoles. Namely, that to even maintain the phone you have to pay 30+ extra dollars per MONTH for a data plan. Most carriers demand that you have the data plan to have a smartphone, and let's be honest they're pretty pointless without one. That 30 dollars per month adds up fast, ultimately making those "free" and "one dollar" games not as cheap as people think they are.

If people like smartphone games great, but they can't justify them as "better" than console games with price, because the price isn't as cheap as we make it out to be.

user39039992322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

There is no such thing as free apps.
Free apps are mostly demos, you would need to pay to unlock the full game.
Some free apps makes it so difficult that you're forced to buy in app crap to advanced. Like Blood and app cost is as high as $99
Than there's the spam/ads they force on you every 5 minute, you'll have to pay to get rid of the spam/ads.

Only some very old an dated games are truly free

fei-hung2322d ago

Cell Phone games prove why cell phone games will never do anything for hardcore gamers - because most of them are a bunch of shite.

10 variations of fruit ninja, 100 variations of bejeweled, 1000 versions of hangman, doodle jump, pappi jump, crappy jump etc etc etc.

Mobile gaming is the equivilant of soaps. Free or extremely cheap, but offers mundane drama repeated over and over and over and over again mostly.

Console gaming may cost more, but it offers a bigger and better experience mostly.

Unfortunately, those who have started gaming due to a purchase of a smartphone now believe they know better than those who have been gaming on consoles and arcades since the early and mid 80's and claim cellphones are an equal to console gaming.

AtomicGerbil2322d ago

If I buy a console, a handeld or build a PC I can sleep peacefully knowing that I have more choice in games. For example I can play Angry Birds on any device now, cut the rope I can play in a web browser but can you play LittleBig Planet, Forza, Battlefield, CoD, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, Halo, Gears or Batman AA/AC etc. on a phone? No. Some might say not yet, but would any console or PC gamer want those on a touch screen only phone, which most are (Xperia play being an exception)? I won't.

If the likes of LG, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, RIM and Apple started designing phones similar to the Play then I can see dedicated handhelds suffering more, but nobody seems to want to do that.

klecser2322d ago

But I don't see that list of games coming to phones effectively. Half of the games you listed are multiplayer. How does that work with your phone? Does your phone have a "hard mute" that prevents you from receiving phone calls during the game? Is there a pop up on the game screen that tells you that you have a phone call? Fine. If its important, be prepared to drop online multiplayer when that happens. You can't suspend a multiplayer game. I don't think people are prepared for the practical necessities that would have to happen to game effectively on a device that is also used to make phone calls. Multiplayer is out of the window if you ever want to receive an important phone call.

AtomicGerbil2322d ago

Which reinforces my point, I can game on a phone and miss out or I can game on a console or PC and not.

The multiplayer aspect was unintentional, I was just demonstrating more choice.

Hicken2322d ago

The real issue is they don't care. They will hop on the bandwagon because it's the popular thing, and damn all the practicality or lack thereof with gaming on a phone.

What type of battery life would you be getting? Certainly not what you get now. And not likely as much as current handhelds.

That's just one issue that needs to be addressed.

Mobile gaming will become the future because some folks will tell others that it is so, and the ones they tell will believe it. Even on this site, you can see so-called gamers who seem to honestly believe that mobile gaming is on par with- let alone taking over- handheld gaming.

And there's no facts or logic or reasoning you or I can toss their way that will change their minds.

klecser2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

@Flat: And that's fine. If you're willing to miss out, having both devices is a perfect compromise. What I'm concerned about is two things:

1) Smartphone hipsters acting like consoles are no longer necessary.

2) An industry that knows nothing about games acting like they know something about games. The inherent flaw with the "app" mentality is that, yes, ANYONE can design and publish a game. That literally means ANYONE. So, all the crappy designers without standards that get weeded out of the console establishments get to make games, but they're incredibly crappy.

So, my concern is that the phone industry is acting like they have quality when they don't, and if they are allowed to control gaming, then gaming gets inherently crappier in the long run. That is why we need to keep PC and console games.

AtomicGerbil2322d ago

I'm not sure if you misunderstood what I have posted, but I'm all for the PC, handheld and console market, gaming is one of my hobbies and phone gaming just does not cut it for me.

So in essence I totally agree with you.

klecser2322d ago

@Flat: Yep, we agree, I was just adding some thoughts...;)

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user39039992322d ago

funny stuff:
"I don’t know about you, but almost everyone I know has a smart phone"

That's because everyone needs a phone, dumb ass.

GuruStarr782322d ago

Poorly written story, overall..... seems like an amateur blog..

how does this shite get approved?

Members with approving power are not even reading these stories..