RPGamer: Fixing Final Fantasy: How?

The Final Fantasy franchise is far from over as it celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this year, despite what some might believe. However, during a recent Twitter discussion about whether Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the right next step for the series, I was asked how I would fix the current direction of Final Fantasy. This whole question is founded on the assumption that Final Fantasy needs fixing, and the answer goes beyond a simple yes or no. Fixing the series would imply that it is broken, and I don't feel that it is. On the other hand, the question wouldn't be coming up if there were not issues that need to be addressed.

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Ranma12451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I said this before:

-Bring back strategic game play of FF1-10

-Hire some good script writers to make good stories like past FF's.

-Fire Wada and Toriyama !!!

-Bring back world map

-Bring back Airship, Chocobo's, Moogles an other FF folklore, for the FF vibe

-Bring back Mini games e.g gold saucer, tetra master, blitzball

-Secret/Hard bosses e.g Emerald Weapon. In FF13-2 you have to pay DLC to fight hard bosses like Omega weapon, which sucks !

-Bring back towns, in FF13-2, they have towns but you cant go into buildings. So thats just sugar coating.

....and Square Enix wonders why they have so much fan backlash

Ranma12451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I honestly think FF10 was the last great FF

BitbyDeath2451d ago

You forgot -

-Bring back real summons

I hate the current ones with a passion.
You should just summon them, they do damage and leave.
That is it. No controlling them like they're just another character. This needs fixed.

Also should include the FF8 cards game as a mini to bring back.

Ranma12451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Am going to get a lot of disagree's for this !

But i think FFvs 13 is going to FLOP and dissapoint like FF13.

Because i have been dissapointed by SE too many times, everytime i think a game is going to make me like the series again. It just dissapoints (FF13 i thought would be that game, but it wasnt)

Tex1172451d ago

Hire the guy that went to MistWalker and re-hire the guy that did Final Fantasy Tactics...

Let them do their thing without a "ZOMG, MAKE IT LIKE A WESTERN SOMETHING."

And poof...

A phenominal Final Fantasy.

Foxgod2451d ago

Stop making FF play like a MMORPG, and make it play like FF 1 to 9 instead.

and stop with the weird feminish man designs....