Modern Warfare 3 selling twice as many as any other multi format game

Modern Warfare 3 is still selling like hotcakes, putting every other multi-platform game to shame.

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R4MBO2417d ago

Modern Warfare 3 will keep selling like this until the next COD game arrives.

moho-foe2417d ago

They sell so much because they count the Wii, DS, PC, Xbox, and PS3.

IMO the DS and Wii don't even count...

StanLee2417d ago

How does that make any sense when consumers are spending money on those titles? Of course it counts. It counts to those consumers, and it counts to Activision.

radphil2417d ago


Guess you didn't see his "in my opinion".

GraveLord2417d ago

The Wii and DS sales make up less than 1% of the sales. They are really really low. Not counting Wii and DS doesn't make a difference.

Justsayin2417d ago

It may keep selling but the last time i saw user scores on it, IT WAS ALSO PUTTING THE GAMING INDUSTRY TO SHAME!!!

El_Barto2417d ago

Call Of Duty games are on a gaining trend. I am surprised by how many people I come across online that haven't played any other COD games in the past, you can tell because it lists all prestige's on your profile.

So that means even more people are getting in on the good times that are to be had by playing Call Of Duty. I personally only play the Modern Warfare titles, which means I only buy them every other year, same with Uncharted, Gears, Forza ect.... I prefer an on again, off again type of cycle.

Captain Qwark 92417d ago

in other news, humans breathe air........

Bobby Kotex2417d ago

CoD is the Justin Bieber of videogames. If you think sales = quality then that's pretty sad.

El_Barto2417d ago

Not exactly, Bieber doesn't get stellar reviews and thrives on tween girls for sales. Call Of Duty gets sales and great reviews and is one of the most competitive games around.

It's an MLG game, people play it to earn money, people play it for fun as well. If your trying to say Call Of Duty, especially the Modern Warfare labeled games lack quality, then I'd hate to see what you actually think is a quality game.

2pacalypsenow2417d ago

The Reviews are because of the Title 'Call of duty' its the same every year but reviewers say it good bam 9/10 but other games that don't change much they say o its the same thing bamm 7/10

El_Barto2417d ago


Don't hand me that old line, Call Of Duty has two very different developers, Modern Warfare feels so different then the Treyarch titles.

Modern Warfare is on a two year cycle, just like a lot of games, so please do a little research before you talk out of your butt.


2pacalypsenow2417d ago

funny cuz black ops and Mw3 feel like the same game.....

Jobesy2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Unless Justin Bieber is breaking every sales record while getting great reviews I don't see your point.

Btw, how do you measure quality? Sales? Check. Great reviews? Check. Repeat buyers? Check. Growing fanbase? Check. # of players online? Check.

Hicken2417d ago

Whatever happened to judging quality based on... you know, QUALITY?

Not saying CoD is a BAD game, but anybody with a brain knows it could and SHOULD be better.

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