Proof of Uncharted 3's Aiming Problems

Since Uncharted 3′s recent launch, some players have been experiencing problems regarding Uncharted 3′s aiming.

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john22451d ago

Everyone should have an equal experience with the game, sad to see some gamers experiencing such problems

Heartnet2451d ago

nah hes just gotta adapt and l2p tbh :)

egidem2451d ago

If the multiplayer seems to work fine while single player has a bit of lag problem, obviously adapting won't be easy if he's switching back and forth between the modes.

Problem is that there's lag and it needs to be fixed, not ignored.

hakis862451d ago

Increase camera sensitivity?

inveni02451d ago

To be honest, I didn't really notice it until I watched this video. I just beat the game today, and when I think back, I can admit to there being a little bit of lag. I almost went into options and adjusted sensitivity, thinking that was the problem, but it wasn't such a big deal that it prevented me from fairly easily beating U3 on "Hard".

MaxXAttaxX2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

That's what I thought too. Increase the camera/aim sensitivity.

Anyway, I just beat the game last night and no one that I know have had any problems at all.
Not sure it was THAT noticeable, unless someone takes the time to look for these issues.


- Exactly.

ProjectVulcan2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

150 milliseconds is a little high but not exactly excessive....when playing games whose framerates dip below 25FPS and are inconsistent then i could see it being a problem, the lag would be well over 150ms and it might be hard to adjust to that. Assuming UC3 is consistent, i believe this lag 'problem' is rather overstated...

Its not so much lag, its the directional on the stick some people might have issues with. Maybe they will patch it, but personally i didn't find it game breaking

ThdeGreatestOne2451d ago

TBH I don't feel a difference from Uncharted 2's aiming system to Uncharted 3's aiming.... Hrmmmmmm.

eldeladi2451d ago

He could have easily changed the mode on his TV for uncharted 3 to be one of those modes that do post processing which adds lag.

CommonSense2451d ago

there is a lag in the MP as well. i haven't played MP for about 2 weeks, so maybe they fixed it. but it was definitely there.

i must say, i' surprised i don't see many apologists saying "it's to give a weighty feel" like they did with killzone.

Dee_912450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

@common sense
yea i havent played the mp in months possibly years ...

I got use to the aiming ... like i do with every shooter
People just love to complain if you ask me.

Rifkens2450d ago

I notice this alot on console games. Wireless technology is never good for gaming, thats I play PC :)

AngryTypingGuy2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

If Skyrim weren't coming out only 10 days later, I would've bought this one day one. It looks like waiting a little bit for a possible patch may be the way to go though. Either way, UC3 will be another masterpiece like its predecessors.

@Rifkens - When you have little kids that could possibly trip over a cord...wireless technology is great! Then again, I'd take wireless over wired any day, with or without kids.

gta28002450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

I just got my platinum today. Beat it on crushing with mostly headshots. I never realized that this game had any issues. This seems like a lame attempt at trying to downplay this beat of a game. Been playing multiplayer all day and man oh man...I can't get enough! And I been beasting...this aiming thing isn't a sniper/headshot count on multiplayer can prove it :)

2450d ago
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SilentNegotiator2451d ago

Maybe Gamersmint's friend (totally reliable source that would never attempt to exaggerate anything negative regarding the ps3) should try PUNCHING the control sticks.

darthv722451d ago

of the controller effect lag? Like when the battery is running low it isnt as responsive in communicating to the system.

andibandit2450d ago


Also why the hell is shooting mapped to the shoulder buttons???.

MaxXAttaxX2450d ago

It's always been that way. Have you not played Uncharted 1 or 2?

I don't know about you, but I shoot using my index finger. Trigger is only useful for racing games.

TBM2451d ago

I noticed something a little off, but im getting along fine with the game. It's not really ruin my experience as im loving the game.

AsianOnRoute692451d ago

How much do you wanna bet that this dude doesnt have is tv set to a game mode of some sort to reduce the input lag cuz, I have a 70 inch sharp led tv, and if my ps3 input isnt in game mode, I get the same input lag as this guy.

artynerd2451d ago Show
WitWolfy2450d ago

-Face Palm- some people are so STUPID when it comes to TV's seriously

milohighclub2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Witwolfy. I don't get why you say that my tv has input lag unless its in game mode which is annoying as when playing in 3d motion plus is needed and can not be used in game mode.

AsianOnRoute692450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Dude, 3d motion plus adds post processing for mainly cable and films, that will add input lag to games. Of course game mode is gonna have that option disabled.

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Raul_72451d ago

Yeah actually one of the minor flaws of U3 include the inaccurate aiming, and also the game has some glitches, like there was one time where "Cutter" did not go to open the door with "Sully" in a level and I had to restart the checkpoint. The cursor disappeared while I was shooting and it stayed that way until I restarted the checkpoint. Also the game froze on me one time during the ship level.

But still, I have to admit that this is the most Epic adventure game I have played so far.

StraightPath2451d ago

so it wasn't just be experiencing the slow aiming..hope patched soon. The aiming feels sluggish i am at chapter 6 guess use to it already now playing on hard first play through.

zeddy2451d ago

it just takes a while to adapt, the controls were stiff at the start now they're fine.

likedamaster2451d ago

They had to compromise somewhere.

BluePumpkin72450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

it's all because of the useless 3d feature they added
they compromised too much for too little
the graphics are worse than the original E3 trailer and the animations are really quriky unlike U2 and there is no motion blur and now all thiese lag issues
i hate sony for forcing 3d into their games
and if you're skeptical about the graphics being worse than the E3 trailer look at this [scroll down to the fourth post]

milohighclub2450d ago

No it isn't, its there in uncharted 2

ziggurcat2450d ago

uh, the top image in post #4 is the released version, not the E3 demo (as confirmed by another poster later on in the thread). so how is that worse, exactly?

MaxXAttaxX2450d ago

I have the game. It doesn't look like that.

Don't like 3D? Then don't use the feature. You'll get your better graphics.
Also, what do the animations have to do with it?

SnotyTheRocket2450d ago

its naughty dog people, they'll fix it.

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jazzking20012451d ago

Naughty Dog should have patched this up by now

stu8882451d ago

I'm more disappointed by the complete lack of any motion blur, which makes the game in places look less impressive than uncharted 2.

Don't understand why it isn't in there, especially when naughty dog tweeted that it was.

Hope they patch that in too.

STONEY42451d ago

That's really weird, considering the old open beta I played before the Subway one (I didn't play one) had it, and a much higher quality one than Uncharted 2. I really hope it hasn't been intentionally removed, I LOVE the way motion blur looks.

MaxXAttaxX2451d ago

This is for single-player/story mode. Not online multiplayer.

This "problem" doesn't exist in MP.

ironfist922451d ago

And that makes it alright?

xAlmostPro2451d ago

@ironfist92 it doesn't make it right, it makes it less of a problem and a fixable problem.

If anyone will patch a gameto perfection it will be naughty dog, they love the franchise just as much if not more than the fans.

MaxXAttaxX2451d ago

Makes what alright?

I've never experienced such lag.

andibandit2450d ago

Thank heavens,

and im sure that all those who bought it for the multiplayer agree.

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GuruStarr782451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I've noticed it. I also noticed that when you're aiming for accuracy, it's hard to pinpoint a target because the recticule moves either slowly or over the mark.

It's still a great game, hopefully Sony and ND will patch this up.

Oldman1002451d ago

The issue with the controls is the deadzone and the higher sensitivity bias for the vertical and horizontal directions. Aiming diagonally is much slower in comparison. In uncharted 2 there is no deadzone and sensitivity is consistent in all directions. But it appears now that input lag is also part of the equation.

Szarky2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Glad I'm not the only one, I couldn't put my finger on it but aiming at bad guys just felt off, like something wasn't 100%.

OpenGL2451d ago

I noticed it too and found the aiming to be a lot harder than it was in Uncharted 1 and 2, but the game was still enjoyable.

Chuk52451d ago

Damn, that's pretty horrendous.

Chuk52451d ago

3 disagrees?
Do you have eyes?

FunAndGun2451d ago

Fanboys don't use eyes, they see with their hearts!

WiIIiam2451d ago

Fanboys don't see at all; they're blinded by ignorance, and a love for something that will never love them back.

stevenhiggster2451d ago

What you talking about, my PS3 loves me, it told me so just last night!

StupidDude2451d ago

We have eyes.

And, with them, we can also see that you're being over-the-top by using the word "horrendous".

It's a minor struggle to deal with. Sucks it's there, but, it's not even remotely game-breaking.

Blackdeath_6632451d ago

we all acknowledge theres a problem with the game but wont go as far as to say its horrendous. many games have had and still do have issues with their game and i wouldnt have a go at a perticular company for doing something wrong unless the keep doing the same mistake.
the biggest issue is not the fact that theres is lag but the fact that uncharted 2 didnt have lag and uncharted 3 does. this will substract from the gaming experience everyone is used to and thats the real issue.

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Chuk52451d ago

It's a game largely based around shooting, where the shooting isn't accurate. Considering its pedigree, such a fundamental flaw is pretty bad. Sucks for those who have that problem, and for that matter, the fact that it is only happening to certain people as just weird.

cjflora2450d ago

Something like this doesn't just happen to exist randomly for some people. It's either there or it isn't.

WitWolfy2450d ago

I think everybody experienced this from time to time, but then just choose to ignore it, thinking it was probably to be more challenging or something, I remember last night on chapter 14 I experienced this.

Didnt bother me much, made it more challenging ;)

2451d ago
JebusF2451d ago

No aiming problem my end :-|

TheBeast2451d ago

Same here, just picked up the game today.

Christopher2451d ago

Same here, but makes me wonder why some people are experiencing the presented issue.

rdgneoz32451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I was having a bit of lag or such like that when I first started playing. I just upped the sensitivity and everything was fine.

Drekken2451d ago

They are experiencing it because they smack the thumbpad like they are sending Morse code. Who does that?

Oner2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

I noticed the issue right away...just like I did with Killzone 2. I posted about it & got called out as anti-PS3 (which is complete BS check my post history for complete confirmation) and then about a year later Guerrilla Games admitted/confirmed the issue ~ ~ Digital Foundry video that shows Killzone 2 "lag" & other game latency info ~ Killzone 2 GG Dev admits lag ~ KZ3 removes lag & GG admits KZ2 had lag

I am a pretty die hard PlaySation user/owner. Love the system, have many games and use it quite often. But I will not hold back from speaking the truth about this issue that needs to be addressed (just like I did with KZ2). The situation for me sucks bad...but will that stop me from trying to complete the Trilogy of Platinum's for the series? No. But it will make it that much more difficult and more aggravating than it should be.

Here is some proof/confirmation that Naughty Dog DID change the mechanics in 3 compared to the previous ones for some damned reason ~ Sorry, but they should never have changed it. It was fine the way it was and there were absolutely ZERO complaints about it previously. Yet now there are.

A-Glorious-Dawn2451d ago

Just the same as BF3 on the PS3,
Some have aiming problems and others don't


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