Why Multiple Characters in GTA V Doesn't Make Sense

Why the rumors of Multiple Playable Characters is false in #GTAV

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TrevorPhillips2392d ago

It will make sense just like how multiple characters in Heavy Rain made sense

Laxman2392d ago

Dude, no, it wouldnt work well in GTA. Heavy Rain managed it becuase of the type of game it was. In a large-scale action game with multiple side quests and a possibility of customisation, it would simply be no good.

yesmynameissumo2392d ago

It worked for Liberty City Stories.

Man In Black2391d ago

LCS only had Tony Cipriani as a playable character...

yesmynameissumo2391d ago

GTA 4 Liberty City Stories had multiple playable character - Lost and Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony is what I'm referring to.

blaze22-qwerty2392d ago

No matter what i will buy it DAY 1

Ezio20482392d ago

i second you pal..
really got excited and i am sure my excitement will keep rising till it gets released.:)

MrBeatdown2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

"I don't believe the rumor of multiple playable characters in #GTAV after watching the trailer. It doesn't make sense. If that was the case more than one person would be narrating their story in the first trailer for the game."

And how does that make sense? Just because he thinks the trailer would have had multiple narrators, it doesn't mean it means anything. The next trailer could have a second narrator.

And look closely and you can see that that one guy in the suit isn't the only character in the trailer making frequent appearances. The character that is being chased by the cops on foot in two other scenes driving a red car. In one, the top is going down on the car. In the other, he's being chased by police cars.