DICE Response To Critics - The Campaign Is Training Ground For Multiplayer

Obviously, the multiplayer component of Battlefield 3 is the main reason the majority on gamers are picking up this title. DICE responds to single-player critics.

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gamer2342401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

they should have focused only on multiplayer, just like what rockstar does wit single player

ATi_Elite2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Sorry but Battlefield is not a single player game. It never really had a single player component. Since 1942 BF has always been about online MP!

BF is not Half Life, Killzone, or Halo. Those are games that we expect a brilliant SP campaign and story along with a great MP.

Now Call of Duty at first had a very rich and robust single player experience but now it has made a transition to being all about the MP.

Single player is not dead.....Uncharted, Half Life, STALKER, Bioshock, Deus Ex etc. are all great SP Games. It's just that some people just do not recognize the difference in games and want to "lump" everything together.

"First Person, Guns, health paks, = instant comparison to almost any game ever

DasBunker2401d ago

agreed.. but still they showed the SP too much.. like it was some amazing feature and something worth getting the game for..

Grandclover2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Everyone gets games for different reasons, so great opinions but i agree with DICE. I have always played a single campaign and treated as just that "training". I am also not the only one who realizes the game is going to look 3X better on a single campaign then in MP right? From the 3 or 4 missions i have been on i am blown away by the graphics and the realism of the soilders, how they talk to eachother, how they move, just everything. I could care less about the story. There all the same by now, if its been thought about in military shooter it has been done but how they go about doing the single player is a hole different story and BF3 knocks it out of the park with great gameplay with amazing graphics along with predetermend theater (Buildings collapsing stuff like that). If you didn't play the campign your seriously missing out, again not because of the story but because of how they did it. After i finish it i will be a MP player from that point on but i will not easly forget what these eyes have seen and just the awww of wow, this is the best looking game i have seen to date.

PRHB HYBRiiD2401d ago

but it SHOULD be a single player game also it has the potential of being a great single player they just need to come with a fresh story and good characters these russian/iraq/nukes/terrorists stories are getting old imo

zeeshan2400d ago

No it's not. I highly disagree with this PR bullshit. Can I fly a plane? Can I fly a chopper in SP?

Autodidactdystopia2400d ago

I dont give a S$%T I liked the campaign A-Lot

hate more if it makes you happy.

I dont know about you but when i bought the game i got BOTH single player and Multiplayer. they BOTH came with the game and if you don't like it don't play it.

SilentNegotiator2400d ago

They marketed the crap out of the single player. BF3 should still be reviewed with the campaign in mind, especially with the perspective that they could have used those resources to make a more robust MP (Not to mention, they have paid DLC on the way, "year round").

This isn't valve we're talking about.....EA isn't going to give away big expansions to the multiplayer without you coughing up (probably) $15. It's your basic MP. I mean, 9 maps and 5 modes? For a game that's "all about" the multiplayer and costs $60 and won't be getting free additions?

Besides, it's a joke that DICE is trying to pawn the short, but not that short snoozefest campaign as "training". It's not quite THAT short. And what? Do they think this is 99% of the players' first time playing an FPS? That we need a multiple hour "training" session?

It's both a single player and multiplayer game. And they went and made a weak campaign and MP with single-digit maps and modes.

You can feed reviewers your hundreds of millions of marketing dollars and persuade the negative reviews to release last, but I don't run on quarters and don't feed my family with your ad revenue. So spare me the BS, DICE and EA.

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dantesparda2401d ago

Ugh! I for one love single player campaigns and far prefer them to multiplayer modes. I hate game that are just multiplayer like, UT3, Warhawk, etc. All multiplayer games are the same thing to me. If you've played one then you've played them all

STONEY42400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I don't mind your opinion on multiplayer games, but don't be hatin on mah UT3. :O

R6ex2400d ago

Exactly! I enjoyed Killzone 3 because of the well-choreographed single-player campaign.

I'm skipping BF3.

dantesparda2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )


Lol, ok, except for UT3. You know whats funny is i have both UT3 and Warhawk, But i just hate multiplayer only gsmes. I feel jipped, like im missing half the game.


Exactly, i am mainly interested in BF3 because of the single player campaign, if it was MP only, i would not be interested in it at all. Dont get me wrong i dont hate multiplayer modes. I just dont like multiplayer mode only games. I feel like i am only getting half the game. For me its the overall package of the two that i like

ironfist922401d ago

i'm probably the only one who buys FPS for their single players, even Call of Duty and Battlefield.

overlorduk2400d ago

No you're not. I agree with you and dantesparda. All FPS multiplayer games seem pointless to me without a story and a context for doing things.

Multiplayer games are just running (driving or flying) around in circles for no reason except bragging rights and points towards bigger guns with which to do the same thing. And they look rediculous to me too, with the bunny hopping and the unrealistically fast running's like watching a movie on fast forward.

R6ex2400d ago

Never liked MP 'coz there's no story.

ATi_Elite2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

"The SP in BF3 is a Bonus and way to get you BF newbies ready for the butt kicking your about to get on the MP! You should be happy that we even wasted our time making a SP seeing how Battlefield since 1942 has never had a SP campaign story but just a SP mode that allowed for you to play/practice against bots".

"Once we start adding more maps and content through DLC, patches, and really ramping up the full BF3 MP experience you will quickly forget about the SP".

I think people should really realize that Battlefield 3 may have a "questionable" SP but in reality Battlefield has always been a MP online experience.

Battlefield "No Single Player" since 1942!

Imalwaysright2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Why should DICE get a free pass when other games get slammed for having bad singleplayer campaigns or bad online portions? DICE didnt do good singleplayer campaign. Deal with it. Its a part of the game and whether you like it or not BF3 should be judged by it just as much as the online and if DICE werent even trying they shouldnt have done it all.

Grandclover2401d ago

"deal with it" coming from someone clearly not "dealing with it" ohhh classic. haha.

2401d ago
ATi_Elite2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Personally I wish BF3 was a PC Exclusive but because it's now on the consoles EA/DICE made a bad decision to include a SP campaign.

BF1942 BF2 BF2142 were PC Exclusives and had No Sp campaign story mode cause BF has always been about online MP.

This SP crap only acts as a distraction from the greatness that is BF3 online MP. All everyone is talking about is how bad or mediocre the SP mode is and then they give BF3 a low score or say BF3 is just OK although MW2 SP was short and mediocre MW2 got all the media love. Go figure?

BF3 MP is absolutely awesome and as a veteran BF Gamer i hope DICE just says screw the SP and concentrates on the MP cause MP is what BF is all about.

WolfLeBlack2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

The problem is that if you include a singleplayer component to your game then you have to be ready for it to be compared to other singleplayer experiences on the market. So in that respect I think the reviews were entirely fair. Maybe DICE should have stuck up a notice at the start of the singleplayer explaining it was a training mode :D

Of course a singleplayer component of any type is still a welcome addition to the series and I'm looking forward to blasting through it :)

Ramses32401d ago

That's a terrible excuse, "a training ground for multiplayer".
I bet they spent a good chunk of time developing single player, time that could have been used to refine multiplayer or at least add a couple new maps.

C_Menz2401d ago

Dice is large enough to where it most likely wasn't an issue. Sure it may have taken up sometime but in the end they needed some sort of SP to make the average consumer buy it over CoD.

Plus they got to show off the graphical power of their engine(graphics are slightly better in SP) and just chuck in different places to keep things somewhat interesting.

belal2401d ago

i actually like the single player, not done yet but not far off. the game is not like crysis or kz3 sp but it is entertaining.

BakedGoods2401d ago

Yeah, Crysis 2 was excellent.

a_bro2401d ago

yea, i've been playing it so far. it has some great set pieces.

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