GTA V: Five Key Improvements

"With the recent announcement of a sequel for one of the biggest gaming franchises ever to have graced our screens, Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games will no doubt be one of the most anticipated games set to launch next year. Its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV, caused much divide within the gaming community despite its hugely regarded success at retail and amongst gaming critics that resulted in a current standing of 98 out of 100 thanks to critque collector Metacritic."

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Assassin Nawabi2490d ago

Diversity of missions is what I want in the first place.


If its anything like gta4 then gta5 can go to hell. Saintrow3 is where the fun is.

HardCover2490d ago

I disagree.

From IV to RDR, Rockstar North showed they have even MORE talent than they used to have.

If they start taking steps backward, I'm not going to be interested.

DeadIIIRed2490d ago

A mission editor would be awesome. Then be able to share them with the community.

Pintheshadows2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Can we not have anymore pick this person up and drop them off missions. That is what stealing taxis is for.

I see your point, it helps from a narrative perspective as well but they are so bloody mundane. I'm also hoping for less phonecalls.

Yi-Long2490d ago

... it seems a good way to combine a way to make the player learn his way around the city, as well as getting him up to speed story-wise and giving the characters some depth.

Gameplay-wise, obviously, I agree with you.

Perjoss2490d ago

Look at it this way, there is some dialog between 2 characters that the player needs to hear, you can either watch a cutscene or listen to this dialog while driving around town.

There are 2 things I'd like fixed though. Firstly, sometimes if you drive too fast and arrive too early the conversation is cut short, would be nice if the person in the car asks you to 'pull up over here for a minute' if he sees you're going to arrive before the convo is finished.

Another thing I'd like added to these driving conversations is maybe a small picture in picture of the person who is talking, so you can see facial expressions. Kinf of like the closeups you see in comic books.

Pintheshadows2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

"Another thing I'd like added to these driving conversations is maybe a small picture in picture of the person who is talking, so you can see facial expressions. Kinf of like the closeups you see in comic books."

Love that idea. Driver SF does something similar and it works well. And yeah, missing dialogue due to driving like a lunatic is annoying. But the exposition could be handled by actually driving to a meaningful mission. Not picking up Mallory and her mate and listen to them go on about crap.

SephirothX212490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Ai, draw distance, physics, more content such as weapons, vehicles and side missions and better third person shooting. Auto-aim should have no use online. Players should easily be targeted with normal aim from distance with the right weapon. Free mode should be more like Red Dead Redemption. You should be able to buy a lot of stuff in the game and you can earn money for your offline character by playing online. There should also be more co-op missions online. They were a lot of fun in GTA IV. Thus there are so many areas GTA V can and will improve in and that's why I'm really looking forward to the game because I love sandbox games and with the proper design, GTA V could have one hell of a fun multiplayer component to top off the single player mode.

steve30x2490d ago

They cant improve on draw distance on current consoles because that would require more ram.

SephirothX212490d ago

You're probably but I was just throwing things out there that could be improved at some point down the road. They could on the pc version. If you ever went to the top of a high building in GTA IV, you can barley see people on the ground, if at all. They surely could improve that slightly. Remember there has only been one GTA game this gen so far. look at the change from GTA III to San Andreas in terms of map size and content. When Rockstar label this game "V" instead of GTA Something, they're going to be innovative. I wouldn't be surprised if the game has two cities and is twice the size of GTA IV coming on two discs on the 360. Rockstar will be looking to take sandbox games to new heights, not just simply improve on what they've already done. They've to compete with games like Infamous and their own LA Noire and RDR. Expect something very big and a lot better than IV. We'll know next week.

steve30x2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

The only two improvement graphics wise I would see is more anti aliasing and a spedometer in cars.

LarVanian2490d ago

Here's some improvements I'd like to see :)

-More weapons
-Better accuracy in weapons
-More customisation options for appearance
-Cover system should be more like Gears and Uncharted
-Controlling motorbikes should feel less heavy than in GTAIV
-Missions should be more fun and over the top like San Andreas and Ballad of Gay Tony
-A decent soundtrack that isn't almost completely filled with songs that no one has ever heard of before
-Multi-player should be more like LCS and VCS where you could play as characters from the story and use really unique perks such as invisibility on the map or temporary use of a tank

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