Fatal Inertia better on PS3

KOEI has told Eurogamer that futuristic racer Fatal Inertia will be a better game on PS3.

The company is spending more time on it after the 360 version failed to ignite critical fuses when it was released in September. According to a spokesperson for the publisher, they're polishing up technical areas and putting together a more enticing demo than Live customers were treated to.

New content is a possibility, too, although nothing concrete is known at this point.

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mighty_douche3953d ago lets not have another pointless flame war thread!

marinelife93953d ago

Koei might as well save their nickels for another project. I don't want it on my PS3.

Kleptic3953d ago

agreed..."better" version of a shat game...can't wait...

it was more than the poor draw distance and object popping that made this game suck the big one on the 360...its overall a failure, and a half-assed port of WipeOut pulse in HD is going to wipe the floor with it...let alone the next full PS3 specific version of wipeout...

Skerj3953d ago

LMAO they can make it better by scrapping what they did and making Kessen IV. Wipeout is coming so this game missed the boat, and probably for the better.

The Wood3953d ago

this game looks like kack. could be 50 times better and it'll still be kack.

leon763953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )


mighty_douche3953d ago

you cant polish poo no matter how long you try!

rushbd3953d ago

still Dont give a flying F()ck .

we'll see if they can actually make the gameplay 100X better..

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The story is too old to be commented.