Battlefield 3 a Perfect Example of Why Gamers Shouldn't Trust (Early) Metacritic Scores

Battlefield 3 might be an incredible game, but it's impossible to know for sure right now -- and buying the game based on a carefully manipulated, early reviews average might not be your best bet.

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Chuk52435d ago

I'm going to buy it, day one. But I'm probably not going to open it until thrusday or friday. I'm pre-ordering it so I get karkland dlc and heed what reviews have to say. I wasn't blown away with the beta, but I warmed up to it over time.

I'm getting from eb, so if I open it, I can't get my money back, hence the waiting game.

Hufandpuf2435d ago

so you trust other people's opinions rather than your own?

Chuk52435d ago

I wasn't totally thrilled with my first experience, so it would be wise to use my $70 carefully. Especially considering the other options I have this fall.


I'll be getting it tonight at midnight, and I know I'll like it because I played the hell out of BBC2, and because I have a good feeling about it...Not because of early, late, high or low reviews.

Hufandpuf, are you getting it for PS3, 360 or PC?

BeaArthur2435d ago

How can he trust his own opinion if he hasn't played the game? If he's not sure he'll have to rely on reviews or word of mouth.

Kleptic2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

if you have time in the morning, get to a blockbuster...1 day rentals are now $2, and they'll put the boxes up for BF3 when they open...if you can get there early enough (or anytime if you're in a rural area) you'll probably find one...

and the best part...or shitty part depending on the that you'll be the first to rent that you can still use the code for the multiplayer...

been doing that a lot lately for games i wasn't set on buying...and being that reviews are little more than hot trash works for me...

just don't wait till later in the week, they won't have it for weeks on end...

On another note...I'm so sick of websites making such a big deal out of EA/DICE's handling of BF3...yeah its a little shady...but who can blame them?...they are in a lot of ways protecting consumers from ridiculously poorly written reviews and arbitrary scores that plague the gaming media as a whole...

EA didn't go silent on presenting the game...they opened the gates for the beta, had no qualms about letting anyone record vidoes or write blogs about the game's state...barely any of which were positive...

and they have released gameplay trailers, developer diaries, console footage mashed up in multiple interviews...they ARE NOT hiding the game from the buyers...they are holding it from reviewers...90% of which have put their own credibility on the line in exchange for hits on their website...massive difference...

the media is making it look like EA/DICE ashamed of BF3, and therefor afraid to let buyers see it...bull shit...we can all see it through multiple options...its just we can't yet see the same stuff with a poorly written unprofessional essay dangling underneath it...yet...we will in a few days...

good for EA...good for DICE...good for us...NOT good for a reviewer, or his manager desperately trying to rush a review up so his site makes more money...I'm pretty sure none of us care...

da_2pacalypse2435d ago

I could care less about reviews. I'm getting this game day1 because Dice has never disappointed me with any product they've sold me. Dice is the reason why FPS games are good. No metacritic game is going to change that fact.

gamingdroid2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

***the media is making it look like EA/DICE ashamed of BF3, and therefor afraid to let buyers see it...bull shit...we can all see it through multiple options...its just we can't yet see the same stuff with a poorly written unprofessional essay dangling underneath it...yet...we will in a few days...***

I would hardly call GamePro unprofessinoal. They have been around for a long time, when publications was still hot practically predating the internet age.

I do put questions on EA/Dice filtering out legitimate review outfits. It's not like they are reviewing amateur blog sites here.

Personally, I want a company that sells me a product without fog and cloud trying to hide stuff. I don't excuse them when it does happen and I expect that the number of biased for or against a game tends to even out and that a consensus is made.

This is a disservice to gamers. I want the bad and the good, not just the "good reviews".

So no, it is NOT OK for EA to do that and "two wrongs don't make one right!"

zeeshan2435d ago

I don't rely on review scores to make up my mind. That's exactly why I did not buy a COD game after COD4. Youtube footage, and see my friends play the game at their place or my nephew at my place, well, it pretty much tells you the truth.

Killzone 3 didn't get outstanding reviews but to me, the Multiplayer of KZ3 has to be one of the BEST I have ever played! Reviews don't matter at all. Just get what you enjoy, what looks and feels great to you and have fun. Gaming is fun, NOT business (for gamers).

Omega Archetype2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

This whole article is not even going to matter in a week. The game is still going to get great reviews and his point will be invalid.

Sounds like he's just mad that they weren't the first to be able to review the game.

It's fantastic so far and based off of my experience deserves these 9/10 scores it's getting.

FanboyPunisher2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Sorry, this game isnt very different from what we've already played to death. Gungame is basically BC2. I played too much BC2 on PC to know when enough is enough.

School and other shit to do, i'll wait for Skyrim as it hold way better value in my eyes.

BF3 isnt bad its a pretty good game, but i've had enough of the modern warfare games. Have fun with the unrealistic sniper scope glint that shows up regardless the direction the sun is shining, cant get over that one...atleast if you make it realistic, make it function properly and not excessively.

Its a little to casual around the edges after first glance.

Have fun if you bought it; either way i'm saving my bucks for another..

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fluffydelusions2435d ago

I'll be picking up tomorrow morning

2435d ago
trancefreak2434d ago

Pre ordered from newegg should get it by the weekend which is fine, and I grabbed it for $49.99 which is what every PC game should cost no higher for a non collectable version.

I just hope the disc based version is not so tied to origin which it probably is for the mplayer.

Crazyglues2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

You know if anyone read the article I can understand why DICE did this... -For one they are not getting a fair shake in the media...

Claasic example Look at IGN's review of MW2 VS BF3 both PC version.. -

I mean Come on' you gotta be kidding me, with friends like this who needs enemies...

How can IGN even justify this.. Absolutely Ridiculous..

I mean hell they even gave MW2 a 10 on sound, Battlefield 3 got a 9.5 come on' BF3 -has digital surround sound... LoL

-(I mean when I'm playing battlefield I actually feel like a huge battle that is going on and stuff is happening all around me, on MW2 it felt like the sound was just right in-front of me) How in the world can that be better sound..???

/This review just seems more like Activision greased the pockets of who they needed too, and IGN seems to be at the top of that list..

-Just wow...

IF you disagree at least explain how, how can you disagree with that??? I don't get it??


RegorL2435d ago

Score should be accompanied by year and month...

It really is a relative scale, and with the release of BF3 a new bar has been set for what 9.5 means!

They are reserving the 10 since they do not really know what will come later this year...

But it will be interesting to see what, if any, games gets a 10 within a few months... (read: weeks)

StanLee2435d ago

I'm disagreeing with you because you're comparing apples to oranges. 2 years ago when Modern Warfare 2 was released, it probably was the standard. The bar has been raised since then with many great games using new technology and pushing new boundaries. Standards change as technology changes and new games provide much better experiences. So comparing it to a game 2 years old is just silly. Bioshock got a 10/10 for graphics in 2007 and admittedly, in 2007 it looked fantastic but it's far from today's standard now is it? Does that mean Gears of War 3 doesn't look better because it scored a 9.5/10?

Crazyglues2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@ StanLee

you know that's a really good point, which I was indeed not thinking about, which is, at the time it came out it probably did set the bar..

This is a very good point Stanlee, and because of that I guess I will wait to see what MW3 gets..

That would indeed be a better comparison, as I never took into consideration that this was for that time period... I don't know why I over looked that.. As I was just looking at games getting better should score better, but yes, yes.. I did overlook that - you do have to look at the score as in that time period which makes sense..

to all the disagrees, I see your point now, and it's a valid point..

well said stanlee -bubbles for you my friend.


Jdrm032434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

@stanlee & Crazyglues

Three years ago Battlefield Bad Company was on the market and that game has far superior sound then any CoD title.

Ign gave it a 9.5 in the sound dept....there is no way mw2 raised the bar in sound quality over the first bad company...

Rainstorm812434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I agree jdrm

I wasnt even a fan of the first bad company but one thing that stood out was the sound.... it was far superior to MW2... if you go back and play both games BF sound like real guns while MW2's weapons sound muted...

The same with BFBC2 and any subsequent COD title... yet How COD managed to get a 10 in sound and BF a 9.5 is beyond me.

AznGaara2434d ago

Lets be honest here people, standards change that's the truth but for a 2 year old engine to get a 9.5 in graphics is just ludicrous.

Meanwhile they're saying that Battlefield 3, the game with a new engine and the game people clamor about whether or not their PC's can run it, gets a 9.5 as well? That's just crazy.

Pacman3212434d ago

You do know they were reviewed by two different people, don't you?

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Ghoul2435d ago

i have it
i played it


this game is sick. seriously i totally adore this game

raWfodog2435d ago

Ghoul, you have the PC version? I'm curious as to the final console versions. I'll be holding off purchasing until I see some console gameplay.

Ghoul2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

i have the ps3 version,

and boy it looks gorgeous
very awesome graphics
pretty solid fps

if you want console gameplay youtube battlefield ps3 gameplay there is plenty there from the last 2 days

i cant complain, not a bit.
had some hickups in mp but the game isnt even officially released, and i had some funky server names :) probably from the review builds. hehe

but what can i say


TheEatingVodka2434d ago

LOL Most retarded thing I've read..
Do the company a favor and don't even buy that game you're not worthy.
I'm sick of people without an opinion of their own that listen to reviews like its the second coming..
I played the hell out of Duke nukem forever that got 2/10 and 5/10 and I enjoyed it way more than COD Black ops that got well above 8..

Just play it and judge for yourself.

Solidus187-SCMilk2434d ago


I have no interest in battlefield, cod etc. But why is the guy and everyone here hating on it, it doesnt even have that good of a metacritic rating. The PC is a 93 and 360 is at 84 lol. Ps3 isnt rated yet. Im guessing that it will end up around 88-90, not even that great.

This guy is a hater for whatever reason, probably because he didnt get his free copy yet. I used to read gamepro and EGM back in the ps1/n64 days, They would have not bickered about metacritic back then.

If this is how he feel about metacritic, then the same can be said about any game and review. I guess we shouldn,t trust any review from gamepro that is posted early and one of the first on metacritic. They were paid for sure.

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Hufandpuf2435d ago

If you like Battlefield multiplayer, you'll like the game. If you were expecting anything deeper than multiplayer or buy it for singleplayer you'll be disappointed. Battlefield is for multiplayer and from what I've read, this is the best Battlefield ever right now.

3GenGames2435d ago

How can you say that? From the single player I've seen, it's all pretty much really great looking, immersion in the environment you're in, and just looks flat out amazing. I doubt those couple of missions are THAT much better than the rest, I'm expecting an all-around polished and exciting game in all 3 modes included and I highly doubt I'll be under thrilled one bit. :)

Szarky2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@Hufandpuf Well said.

@3GenGames All the reviews so far say the SP isn't that great which I'm fine with (I have Uncharted 3 for epic story).

PhantomT14122435d ago

They rather say the SP isn't incredibly good but still decent.

Szarky2435d ago

@PhantomT1412 Yes, you're right. Personally all the SP campaigns out there kind of just blend together for me... MP I have hundreds of hours of unlocking and ranking and killing.

Shackdaddy8362435d ago

It's good(I've played it). It's just really short and easy imo...

Ghoul2435d ago

actually i love the sp

playing on hard disabled the auto aim. intense it really shows you your skills, one wrong position and your instandly dead.

i really really like it, great experience and awesome weapon handling

DtotheRoc2434d ago

that is exactly how i intend to play it when i pick it up tomorrow...i was gonna go out tonight for the midnight release but i gotta think if i get it right away, the odds are i'm not going to get any sleep tonight cuz i'm gonna wanna play it if course lol. anyway thanks for talking up the game i've been hearing so many poor sounding things about the ps3 game and even though i had a blast with the beta i think the final game with larger scale and vehicles would be rather underwhelming i really like the infantry combat though which is why i'm most looking forward to the SP and yes auto-aim will be turned off and i only play games on the hardest difficulty lol

Squatch832435d ago

I dont trust Metacritic scores anyway, since they pick and choose which scores to add and remove from the total.
If if had ALL the published scores, THEN it would be worth trusting... but until then...

Chuk52435d ago

Some publications aren't very reliable so, they have to weed the undesirables out.


Ahhhh, so this is why G4 is sometimes not allowed lol.

franko2435d ago

So, you will have the game, look at it for a few days and not playing it? All because of 60$??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

KiLLeRCLaM2435d ago

MIDNIGHT RELEASE!! I don't care about reviews. Decide on your own if you're going to buy it or not. I'm not saying reviews are a bad thing, just that everyone has there own opinions about the game. I played the beta, it wasn't a finished prduct but even if the game was released like that, I would have bought it cuz it what i do :) I will be getting MW3 as well :)