Amazon cuts prices on Kinect Sensor bundle , FEAR 3 and more

Amazon has added new discounts to its “Deals of the Week” package for the week of October 29th. You can save on classic COD games, Kinect sensor and FEAR 3 with a few more titles thrown in.

FEAR 3 has been cut down $27.99, that’s a 40% drop in price. The Kinect Sensor bundle with Kinect with Kinect Adventures takes a $30 price-cut to $119.99 and there are few more deals. You can pick up classic COD games up to 50% off.

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Tanir2218d ago

cool for fear......but who the hell is gonna buy kinect at this time lol

Cobra12218d ago

Just bought my first 360 (Gears 3 bundle) and Forza 4. Picking this up as I wanted to try it, but not for $150.

XDF2218d ago

Just noticed they also threw in the Child of Eden game as a download with the Kinect. I am going to pass on this deal because $120 can mean 3 $40 on sale games in about a month.

I am pretty sure we will see a full price drop for the Kinect and maybe 360 system as well before Black Friday. If anyone has a Fry's electronic close by, they have the Kinect for $100 on sale.

rogimusprime2218d ago

Is fear 3 really that bad?

tickticktick2218d ago

It's not as scary as the other games but the gameplay is much better.

Tanir2217d ago

they were never scary tho >_> no game is every scary, its a game and ur more likely to die in something like COD than a horror game