Gears of War 3 causing some Xboxes to grind to a halt

Joystiq writes: "Gears of War 3 players are flooding the Epic forums with complaints of freezing issues, which occur when players attempt to load a game mode. Specifically, it seems to be limited to splitscreen Horde play with two profiles -- when the glitch hits, it permanently alters one of the profiles, making it impossible to enter any game mode. So ... that's not a great bug."

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omi25p2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Ive stopped playing Gears 3 and have gone back to Gears 2. Tired of how easy it is to kill someone and tired of sawnoff. If Epic say that the sawnoff is the least used of the two shotguns then they are talking cr*p.

I played for about 5 hours on saturday and other than me i saw around 4 people using the gnasher.

mendicant2446d ago

So just to be clear, you were one of the millions online during Gears 1 and 2 who ran around with gnashers and now that it's actually balanced out and you can't do that so easily it's "broken."

Hahaha...whatever you say.

omi25p2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Err i said its too easy. Meaning i find it too easy to kill people and no longer find it challenging. By too easy to kill people i mean i think players dont have enough health and should take more bullets. I loved gears 1/2 because every kill was challenging and memorable

The only weapons i get killed by are the sawnoff and boomer. I very rarely die by any other weapon. Also the weapon i used the most in Gears 2 was the toque bow

STREET x KING2446d ago

its not a skill issue you moron, some of the best players in the world, people who will mop the floor with you want something done with the sawed off!
its a cheap gun, and thats that!!

mendicant2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )


You really lose the power of your point when you start insulting people for no reason. It's kinda like that fat drunk friend you have that curses so much that it's just annoying and loses it's "power."

That's you.

What I said isn't wrong and doesn't make me a moron. I'm not concerned with the skill level of the top players and what they're complaining about.

I am one of the millions of Gears players who stopped playing 1 and 2 online because they were severely broken. Almost everyone ran around with a gnasher. Even from cover with a lancer hosing a player down, they could still charge forward and blast you.

And they have the nerve to complain about chainsawing being cheap.

Wall bouncing around a map with an overcharged gnasher. That's SOO much fun, no wonder people left in droves.

Now it's not like that. The lancer actually slows you down. The sawed off, while slower is the great equalizer. Want to run up on me with a gnasher? go ahead and try, my double-barrel will take care of that.

Now you actually have people mixing up weapons and stragies and you're talking to me about the concerns of "top players." "...and that's that?"

Please, get out of here with that crap.

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_Aarix_2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Let me dont use cover or the lancers. Its a different game. People that only use shotguns die before they find anybody.

Heartnet2446d ago

Nah ive seen plenty of people run half across map getting shot at in small corridors and still managing to pull off a sawn off shotgun kill then roll away...

Its ridiculous sometimes

Shadonic2446d ago

just keep your distance and don't give up on a game especially a game like gears that's able to change a weapons attributes depending on the gaming communities feedback. I used to think the same way until i remembered stopping power and all i do now is f up anyone with a sawed off that runs after me dont get mad about it just dust yourself off and try again use their weaknesses against them and make them pay for even depending on the sawed off.

MasterCornholio2446d ago

ZOMG gears causes RROD. Whatever shall the fanboys do?

Lol just kidding. But Gears is really pushing the Xbox to its limits.


qwertyz2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

lol ps3 had similar problems with ff-13 yes ps3s where getting bricked by ff-13 so it happens it also happened with la noire.

besides the crysis 1 remake looks better than gears 3 and so does RAGE in some ways(although rage runs at 60fps with almost all effects, shadows,physics etc are prebaked) but yeah consoles are reaching their limits we aren't seeing leaps in graphics prowess anymore

look at the difference between killzone 2 and killzone 3 very minimal in fact kz2 actually looks better than killzone 3 and has better AI than kz3 does the difference between uc2 and uc3 isn't that much so ps3 is also hitting its limits

its time for new consoles in fact its been time since 2006 when pc completely overshadowed consoles from a technical standpoint

pucpop2446d ago

360 has reached its limit. Time for new hardware, for the next Gears.

_Aarix_2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Epic says more can be squeezed out of it and almost no multiplatform game reaches those visuals.

ForROME2446d ago

Mine and my 4 friends that have it, no issues thus far for us

SKUD2446d ago

I haven't had the game freeze on me but the frame rate drops just as soon as the action starts during single player.
As grubs die then it picks back up. Kind of annoying.

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