Preview: Gears of War 3 [eGamer]

An exciting preview for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Gears of War 3, from Epic Games, via eGamer.

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CoReI5K2513d ago

G.O.T.Y 2011 Winner........Stamped and sealed to be opened at Video Games Awards Ceremony 2011.

manumit2513d ago

Too many awesome games this will probably be up there, but doubt it will be GOTY

Bigpappy2513d ago

Gears is by far Epic's greatest series. This third release is absolutely gorgous, and will have a tough fight with UC3 for best garphics. But Game of the year is by no means a given. There is a game called Skyrim that anyone talking GOTY needs to take very seriously. Batman or Forza4 could spoil the party too, but I am not betting on that happening.

Skyrim, Gears3, and Uncharted3 seem to be media favorites so far. And since those are the people who choose, I would guess it would be one of those 3.

jackoffjim2513d ago

Has gear of war 1 an 2 won goty? oh wait they havent