Resistance 3 reviews call game 'refreshing and best game yet'

Resistance 3 reviews haven't been published yet, but that hasn't stopped developer Insomniac spilling early play testers' positive reactions to the PS3 exclusive FPS.

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Abash2186d ago

I can't wait to get this game, September 6th!

Daver2185d ago

Me too, Resistance 2 disappointed me but I know this one will be a lot better from what i saw so far.

killcycle2184d ago

The coop in Res2 was really fun imo so much was going on on-screen and you don't lose a single frame.

They tried to focus on too many different things and that's what killed it, coop, sp, mp, all the different modes.

I prefer it when games stick to just a small unique bunch of things that make the game what it is and put the dev time into that.

Bull5hifT2184d ago

I actually Despised Them For Wanting to Go Multiplat, ill Buy This , but after seeing some E3 gameplay it looks soo amazing id be very surprised if they can pull anything this good off on the 360

Army_of_Darkness2184d ago

I'm getting this game even though I still got dozens of games to still finish!

BattleAxe2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

My predictions:

EYE-GN says:

"Better then all the Halos put together"

DestructDERP says:

"Capelli makes Master Chief look like a B**ch"

G4HERP says:

"Master who?"

Jonah_Reese2184d ago

BattleAxe SHUT UP, I guess you're going to say that huh?

Soldierone2184d ago

Lmao yeah right. I can't wait to see IGN compare it to Halo or COD and call it sub par and "didn't change anything" for the genre....then go and praise the hell out of MW3 saying it "innovated the world" watch...IGN just makes me laugh now.

As for the game, pre ordered and ready to play! :D

Dee_912184d ago

Must ... NOT ... PLAY .. ... BETA !!!!

Kurt Russell2184d ago

I really liked Resistance 2 :(

I am looking forward to this though :D

Ju2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

I liked R2. I think what the problem was with the game was polishing. It did shine in various places, but they couldn't keep that level through the whole game. I still think over all it was great.

Now, if they can build on that and take what R:FoM made the series great (atmosphere, narrative, combat style, etc) and pump up the visuals even above R2, well, then, Ladies and Gentlemen, we got a winner.

I remember R2 released with KZ2; around the same time. I played the crap out of both, constantly switching back and forth between those for weeks.

Can't wait for R3!

TooTall192184d ago

Dmarc you should play the beta now. There are a lot of things to learn with the new play changes. They also fixed the freezing issue! After playing the beta I'm tempted to buy now.

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WhittO2184d ago

My money is so low lately I can't even afford to buy it! haha :(
I'll get it in a month or so when my money picks back up, can't wait to play it because I haven't seen much of this game at all so I can sit down and really just play the sh*t out of it haha, I really like the resistance world too so can't wait to see how it turns out lol.
I still havent even bought Infamous 2 yet!! :(

pixelsword2184d ago

Don't despair, today isn't tomorrow: and who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Minimox162184d ago

same here, i still havent pick infamous 2 and LBP2 :( and also I want WKC2 that came out next month :/

yeah that the attitude :D

KendrickGLS2184d ago

Now that's the right idea! I sure wish Resistance wasn't a exclusive because I'm stuck with Gears eventhough it's awsome, but just not as good as Resistance. And tomorrow will bring something good or maybe something bad but who cares right now so don't be as paranoid as pixelsword. Righteous!

Tired2184d ago

Got it on order, counting the days. Hope the 3D is implemented well...some games are great but some look naff...I'm praying this wont be one of the naff ones.

zeddy2184d ago

i hope the single player is 10 hours +, im not getting it for multiplayer.

ChronoJoe2184d ago

Then your missing out.

Both SP and MP look like they've had equal attention, and both look pretty great :)

2184d ago
Ju2184d ago

Not getting it for the MP either - but will play the crap out of it ASAP I'll get it ;) Start liking the Beta.

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damnyouretall2184d ago

time to dust off the sharpshooter. hope it works great with this game. couldnt use it in the beta. by the way, where the hell is the demo? it was on psn a few months ago then removed. some people are serious assholes for removing it.

50Terabytespersec2184d ago

The first had this feeling and this stable tone, this atmosphere the second was a mess of a game ...
If they were to ever get the graphics up like say , RAGE or to the level of Killzone this would qualify as AAA but for now it has always been a game that ran on a Half life type of midranged tech..I'll buy it and if it runs below HD I'll sell it after i beat it.

Ju2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

R2 had awesome visuals at times. Come on, tell me that opening scene isn't top notch, or that San Francisco/Golden Gate level. So, from a technical standpoint, it was up there with the greatest. But it just wasn't consistently implemented through out the whole games. Some levels looked bland, I give you that.

This game has the best particle effects of all games I ever played. In the scope of the maps it is just phenomenal (map size and number of players).

subtenko2184d ago

Resistance 1 and 2 were cool. Remember that Resistance 2 made everyone spaz out "omg 60 players online and no lag!! Awesome!!" least till mag came out,lol. Just a sony dev challenging a sony dev.

I wonder if Insomniac was challenging anyone with Resistance 3? We know that sucker punch challenge a few devs (in good fun, they mentioned it in an article or two)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

DoomeDx2184d ago

"Agree or Disagree if you Agree"

this alone, deserves a disagree + a bubble down

subtenko2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

@DoomeDX, marked as a personal attack. that alone deserves a disagree and a - bubble down

Anyone whos been on n4g long enough can respect my comment...

plus, you've followed me and said the same thing offer nothing to the discussion of the article but attack my comments.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

consolez_FTW2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

@ Subtenko

Yeah man, If you've been on N4G long enough you'll see you always do that "agree or disagree if you agree" thing. It's like your trademark...
On TOPIC: I cant' wait for this. I must finish the Resistance story by buying R3! I don't know if Ill stay for multiplayer though.

Masta_fro2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )


Dude, it says you joined 2011?

And I've never seen you before.

btw, "agree or disagree if you agree" is just pretentious, makes you sound like an 8 yr old who can't be argued with.

FaulkinPunch2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

@ Masta_fro well stalking someones profile makes you a stalker in that case...Its really obvious to get subtenkos comment.

He's talking about the "Disagree fairies" as many people like to put them... If you couldn't understand what he was saying then I guess you seem like an 8 year old going by your logic.

Just offense, but its not that hard to understand.

Anyway, about Resistance 3, I'm really eager to see how well it stacks up against Resistance 1. I personally favored Resistance 1 over 2.

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showtimefolks2184d ago

i think insomniac taking 3 years instead of 2 and doing things right and doing what fans wanted i am super excited about this

insomniac have said there will be a day one patch to fix many issues that were in beta so really can't wait

am i the only one who wish the 8 player online co-op that was in resistance 2 was in resistance 3?(i loved it)

EeJLP-2184d ago

You don't know what you're talking about. The extra year didn't do a damn thing to help the game or give fans want they wanted.

Last time I checked, RFoM fans didn't want all the restrictions of R2 and then some. R2 fans didn't want co-op removed. Resistance fans didn't want CoD-like Killstreak rewards, etc.

You're talking out of your @ and your 1st and 3rd paragraph contradicting each other proves it.

YogiBear2184d ago


You sir, are off the deep end.