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Submitted by HarryBarry 1659d ago | news

GAME offer Batman The Animated Series Skin for Batman: Arkham City Looks like Batman's got another optional skin! GAME Espana seem to be offering a Batman: The Animated Series skin as a pre-order exclusive! (Batman: Arkham City, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

LtSkittles  +   1659d ago
Now I'm Jelly. :(
UltimateIdiot911  +   1659d ago
Chances are it will be a paid DLC.
LtSkittles  +   1659d ago
Crazyglues  +   1659d ago
nah I still like this one better -

if they would have made that a choice for you to have as suit through the whole game, then I would have picked this up day one...

I'm a big fan of the Batman beyond series and I love this Gamestop DLC outfit.. wish that was for the entire game.. that suit is awesome.. but it's just for some challenges...

Should have been a full unlock to play through the whole game with cape..

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LtSkittles  +   1659d ago
I love both, but BTAS has a special meaning in my heart, and so does the 60's one.
Brownghost  +   1659d ago
Man I hate living in the us I want that skin
The Matrix  +   1659d ago
Come, we shall defect together.
Brownghost  +   1659d ago
Yes let's go to Australia but seriously we should be ashamed at rocksteady for these pre order bull these are supposed to be unlockable skins to use not pre order crap from everywhere I hope the goty has all these skins.
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Getowned  +   1659d ago
God bless the 90's!
OMG that is so awesome,i hope we get that at gamestop or best buy! i would kill for that skin! batman the animated series is the best i grew up watching it..ahh the good old days when cartoons where good,least i have anime which is pretty good if you find the right series to watch and i found a few that where amazing like Berserk(almost did'nt watch it because of the name i was like berserk?? this can't be that good with a name like berserk but then i watched it and i was like OMFG Epic and i got into reading the manga/comic only anime that made me read a comic book because i wanted more!!!)

my top 5 anime would be Berserk,Hellsing,Cowboy bebop,Samurai champloo,Samuri X(rurouni kenshin)

Top 5 cartoons Batman:TAS,animaniacs,Pinky and the brain,gargoyles,X-Men it's even hard to make a top 5 i could name so much more!!

honerable mention goof troop only because i use to watch it with my dad(Rip)and it was soo fun watching it with him on a staurday morning.

cartoons have gone way down hill i can't even enjoy them anymore i watched one yesterday on this kids channle i use to watch growing up and it was all shit i couldnt believe they actually let that garbage on TV they have destroyed saturday morings and every thing that was good about cartoons,Why do cartoons suck so bad i feel so sorry for all these young kids that were born in late 90's and 2000's because all you cartoons suck and you have no idea what it was like to wake up in the morning and run to you tv because you just had to watch your favourite cartoon you you sat there all morning haveing the time of your what do you got? nothing you got crap..F*^^K i miss the 90's cartoons i need a channle they plays them all day lol maybe im older and i don't get the kids of today or i was just spoild by the 90's no wonder alot you you younger kids are so angry and rude now a days.. you have no cartoons and no heros XD

this video makes me want to cry Rip good cartoons.

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The Matrix  +   1659d ago
One of the best cartoons ever.
Getowned  +   1659d ago
sorry for bad grammar and spelling i was kinda hyped up LOL and it won't let me edit. :(
Reborn  +   1659d ago
Probably a game pack will be launched side-by-side to allow those without access to selected stores to get it.

I think, or maybe in-game attainable?
sonicsidewinder  +   1659d ago
God i loved that show!
acemonkey  +   1659d ago
cool should but all the dlc or add ons on the collectors ed of the game
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1659d ago
Reminds me of the good ol' 90s!
violent80sarcade82  +   1658d ago
@Getowned i hear ya man i miss all the great classic 80s/90s cartoons these new gen kids don't know what they missed all they got is family guy or cartoon network all we have left from our generation really is the simpsons..i wish they would dedicate a 24/7 old school cartoons classics channel that play these cartoons.
Voltron (original power rangers)
Superman 1988
Captain america
The might thor
Spiderman and friends
The marvel action universe
G.I joe
Hulk hogans rockin wrestling
Go bots
Johnny Quest
King arthur & the knights of justice
The lone ranger
Karate kat
The legend of zelda
Adventures tom sawyer & huckleberry finn
Original teenage mutant ninja turtles
The real ghostbusters
Captain nintendo the game master
Dragons lair
The flintstones
Fraggle rock
The pink panther
The jetsons
Danger mouse
Mighty mouse
Looney tunes
Dennis the menace
Count duckula
Inspector Gadget
Captain caveman
Denver the last dinosaur
Scooby doo
The chipmunks
Charlie brown & snoopy
Felix the cat
Paw paws
The power team
Space ghost
Rockos modern life
Beavis and butthead
Ren and stimpy
Street fighter 2 V.
These are some of the best cartoons i grew up to and i wish that they could get thier own permanant cable channel.
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Getowned  +   1658d ago
oh yeah i remeber most of them!!! LOL i could even name a few missing from you're huge list!! ..i would pay for a channle like that maybe 2 channles 90's cartoons and 80's cartoons would be a cool idea so that you could see what was on both channles and pick your fav :P even as an adult i would still watch 90% of all the cartoons you named! + more lol if i ever win a larg sum of money or earn it i will make this happen so that saturday mornings will be fun again...the hand drawn cartoons are so much better you can tell some one put there heart and soul into there work and not just let a computer do all the work tho what we can do with computers is amazing but it's lifeless most of the time for a cartoon i don't even understand what happend to make cartoons suck now a days what are cartoons going to be like in the next 10 years ..will there be any ? or will they suck even more..i have been useing anime as a substitute for a few years now and theres alot of crap animes but some are very very good and have intresting deep storys so at least i have that.if you like a dark epic adventure kinda story i HEAVLY recommend Berserk

"Plot Summary: Guts, a man who calls himself “The Black Swordsman” looks upon his days serving as a member of a group of mercenaries, the Band of the Hawk, nicknamed “the Grim Reaper of the Battlefield.” Led by an ambitious, ruthless, and intelligent man named Griffith, together they battle their way into the royal court, and are forced into a fate that may change their entire lives."


watch a few episodes before you make up your mind on it..the fist episode is actually the last episode in the anime serise and it go's though kind of like a flash back on his life and it's really really good,after watching it you will want to read the comics online because it's kinda like a cliffhanger and you will be like WHAT THATS IT?!?!? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! the ending is probly the most horrific thing that i'v seen in a cartoon or anime 10/10 imo

it's hand drawn and was made in 1997 the comic book was made in 1990 and still on going..check out this clip (for some reason in the clip the audio sync is off by a few seconds but its watchable) and if you've seen it then you know how aweomse it is LOL

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Malcopunch  +   1657d ago
I am going to get that GAME skin

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