GoldenEye Reloaded Hands On – It Looks Better. It Plays Better. You Want It. (RipTen)

RipTen: It’s about damn time.

When Goldeneye was announced for the Wii, the gaming world let out a collective, “Oh… ok” and rightly so. Who the hell plays multiplayer shooters on the friggin’ Wii?

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xPhearR3dx2530d ago

hmmmmm might have to keep an eye on this.

jony_dols2530d ago

Considering Goldeneye worked pretty well with the Wii remote. I hope the devs have some sense and add some Move support, for the PS3 version.

firemassacre2530d ago

yea im getting the ps3 1080p version aswell.

nopunctuation2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Maybe now we will get a proper remake. But im worried they are just going to port from the wii and that would be a mess.

jaredhart2530d ago

No, they used a completely diff engine plus will have extra missions and muliplayer modes.

Plus you can use voice chat and don't have to worry about friend codes. xD

LOGICWINS2530d ago

^^It's a different engine..yet the game doesn't even look better than Bloodstone.

mastiffchild2530d ago

As long as it plays better do you care THAT much? Did you expect either to be Killzone or Gears lookswise on the respective consoles? Bloodstone was a boring game with the, IIRC, COD engine and made by Bizarre who're used to, and had just made another, racing game(s) when they got the Bond poisoned chalice from Acti-this Goldeneye is an entirely different beast and we were never told to expect amazing looks but WERE told to expect even slicker gaming than the Wii version and if they manage that with both pad and Move then it'll be a good game to play as the Wii one was already a fun shooter but let down a little by lack of accuracy and a few hiccups.

If the MP had had more support and better modes(more, really) on the Wii I'd have hung around more myself as I felt it had potential there but even on the Wii it wasn't a looker so I just wasn't expecting the PS360 version to be mindblowing but do think it could be great fun if they don't price themselves out of an extremely difficult, and different and crowded market on the HD twins. There could well be a lot to be had from the MP, imho, and the new modes for SP and added missions might be a blast too as they DID try a few things with this game-just looks were never high up on their list I reckon.

I just think, at full price, it will struggle to make an impact.

LOGICWINS2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

"As long as it plays better do you care THAT much?"

No, not really. I won't be getting it.

"Did you expect either to be Killzone or Gears lookswise on the respective consoles?"

No, but I expected it to look better than a year old multiplatform game.

EYEamNUMBER12530d ago

i played this game and i really don't see what the big deal is its not even a remake of the original heck it barely has little to do with the original besides key story moments

its an alright game but besides having the goldeneye name that's about it

nopunctuation2530d ago

Yeah no Pierce=Fail remake. I look at videos of the game and it looks like another COD game to me. I dont think activision knows the meaning of the word remake.


Man ol' man has this game start some talk

Raven_Nomad2530d ago

Doubt it, doubt it and no thanks!

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The story is too old to be commented.