Glossy Eyed: Part 4 of the behind-the-scenes series for RAGE

In The Wasteland, the team at id Software team discuss creating the world of RAGE, its variety of intense missions as well as co-op and multiplayer combat rally racing.

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vglulz2554d ago

Rage is shaping up to be awesome.

CrimsonSaber2554d ago

Shaping? dude where the hell have you been ? ID has released several gameplay videos. This is already awesome. ID took Fallout 3 and Borderlands. Gave 'em some steroids to garble down and then forced the two into some hardcore sex. This game though was what borderlands was supposed to look like back when screenshots were released back in 07

Huntmaster172554d ago

So pretty much its shaping up to be awesome

CrimsonSaber2552d ago

read up , its already awesome theres no shaping