Shootmania in sixth year of development. Nadeo making it “as pure as possible”

Shootmania is an ambitious user-driven sandbox of an FPS from the creators of Trackmania. Nadeo’s International Project Manager, Edouard Beauchemin has shared new Shootmania details with PC Gamer, revealing that the project has been in development for more than five years, and will be a skill based shooter with none of the levelling up and unlocking features common among many modern FPS games. “It’s going to be a pure run and gun game," he says. "Go through it, bring your friends and shoot!"

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BeastlyRig2708d ago

I really can'rt wait to see this.. Shooters made by pc gamers? That a real pc shooter!

OhMyGandhi2708d ago

was just going to say that. aren't they just clever with their witty names?