Final Fantasy Type-0's Control Chart

Andriasang: Final Fantasy Type-0 is going playable tomorrow. As with most Square Enix playable debuts, Square Enix will be handing out control cards to those who line up, and as with most Square Enix playable debuts, we've been given an early glimpse through the game's official site.

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laaakokaracha2680d ago

someone please translate this ;)
would be muuuuch apreciated!

so curious!

tablav2680d ago

Scroll below the image. all the controls are listed in English.

catguykyou2680d ago

I may just wait to play it on Vita

ABizzel12680d ago

I said it a while back, they may as well just move it over to PS Vita, or add Vita support, because it'll be out by the time this game comes out.

leahcim2680d ago

if this have half the quality and lenght of Crisis Core... I am sold!!!

Ddouble2679d ago

It's on 2 UMD's so i'm sure it's going to be quite lengthy.

laaakokaracha2680d ago

oh you are so right...sorry about that.

awesome article!