Dead Block Interview – Home Alone with Zombies | ZTGD

Michael Futter Writes: When we look back at this console generation, one thing is going to emerge as the predominant theme: Zombies. From full retail games to downloadable titles to bonus modes, the walking dead are everywhere, just waiting for us to shoot, burn, and run them down.

When the first promotional video for Dead Block hit I was immediately drawn to its aesthetic and quirky sense of humor. I took the opportunity to speak with Roger Joswig, Managing Director of Candygun Games to find out more about Dead Block.

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Jocosta2721d ago

Ugh, zombies. Enough already,can a developer please hire some people with an imagination?

PaladinXII2720d ago

This game looks to be a very different type of zombie game with its lighthearted tone and Spy vs Spy trap mentality.