What is Sony's World Game Project?

Andriasang: Sony's latest teaser site is for World Game Project. Whatever "World Game Project" is, it's taking place in Akihabara on July 23.

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NovusTerminus2602d ago

Akihabara is an area located in Toyko.

sinncross2602d ago

It is? Cool I may be in Tokyo on that day: will check it out if possible!

Surfaced2602d ago

Come on, didn't you at least play MGS4 like the rest of us?

Laypoof2602d ago

I played pretty much every single MGS game out there and Akihabara doesn't even sound familiar, lol

BubbleSniper2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

whatever is left of "otaku" over there..

captain-obvious2602d ago

i think its some kind of tourney

Mohdunknown2602d ago

I think its going to be a bunch of kiosks showing off upcoming games for the ps3 in JPN